LaCoste Elementary Newsletter

2022-2023 School Year / Week of Jan 2nd - 6th

From the Front Office:

LaCoste Families,

I hope that you had a wonderful winter break sharpening the saw with your families! We had a great first week back with students! Our students were excited to see their teachers and friends. Our goal for the remainder of the school year is to have 96% attendance daily. We ask that you schedule appointments after our official attendance time of 9:35 am. Students who arrive after 9:35 am are considered absent for the day. As part of our action plan for increasing attendance, we will include weekly percentages in our newsletter by grade level, classroom incentives for perfect attendance, recognition for the highest attendance percentage by grade level, and individual drawing incentives for students with weekly perfect attendance. We are excited to take action in achieving 96% attendance and exceeding our own expectations with your support!!

District wide we have implemented a QR code for tardies and early outs. Please be sure to have your phone available to scan the QR code if you are arriving after 7:50am or taking your child home for the day before 3:10pm. As a friendly reminder, if you are arriving after 7:40am you must park in a parking spot and walk your child to the front doors. Thank you for ensuring your child’s safety.

Please be sure to monitor your child’s lunch account and to discuss with your child your expectations for their purchasing of snacks. Please log in to your Titan account to pay outstanding balances as well. Our lunch monitors have noticed an increase in students purchasing multiple snacks at once. Parents can place purchasing restrictions as needed on their child’s account via Titan. You may also email with any questions in regard to their lunch account.

Board Recognition

At the December Board meeting Mrs. Rakowitz our campus Counselor was recognized as a staff member who goes above and beyond for our campus! Student leaders from our different student leadership positions on campus were also recognized by our board members for going above and beyond!


Counselor's Corner

I will begin talking about Growth Mindset vs. Fixed Mindset with students. Growth mindset is not giving up when confronted with a challenge. Fixed mindset is the idea of giving up or feeling like you can’t learn something difficult.

PK - I will introduce the Flexible Thinking spot plush by reading “A Little Spot of Flexible Thinking.” We will practice using flexible thinking with Play-doh. Students will have different time limits to create an item called out. The idea is for students to practice being flexible to create something new, even if they may not be ready.

K - I will read “Giraffes Can’t Dance” and discuss the growth mindset/fixed mindset within the story. We will discuss what students may want to learn and with practice will become better. Students will draw and complete their sentence stem afterwards.

1st - I will read “Beautiful Oops” and discuss that we can learn to adapt our thinking when we make mistakes. Mistakes can be beautiful, given that we don’t give up! Students will be able to create new images from “oops” drawings.

2nd - We will not only discuss growth and fixed mindset, but the brain too using the story “Bubblegum Brain!” Students will practice reframing fixed mindset thoughts to growth mindset thoughts.

3rd - We will discuss growth and fixed mindset using the book “After The Fall,” and then students will practice reframing fixed mindset thoughts to growth mindset thoughts.

4th - We will not only discuss growth and fixed mindset, but the brain too using the book “Your Fantastic Elastic Brain.” Students will practice using a growth mindset also.

5th - A review will be held of what growth and fixed mindset are. Afterwards, students will be presented with a paper challenge. We will review some of the growth mindset and fixed mindset statements they may have had and reframe fixed to growth statements.

Attention 5th grade parents! MVMS will be hosting an elective night for next year 6th graders. Attend to learn more about what is offered. For more information click HERE

We continue to be available to all students upon request. If you have any questions or concerns, you are welcome to contact us at the emails listed below, or use the attached form.

Talking Time Counseling Request Form

Thank you to the Knights of Columbus for the donation of coats! If you are in need of a coat this Winter Season please contact Mrs. Rakowitz.

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Watch D.O.G.S

We would love to have more Watch DOGS on our campus!

If you would like to volunteer your time as a Watch D.O.G.S. volunteer, please contact Mrs. Rakowitz at to learn how to get you scheduled!

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Leaders of the Week

1st grader Adelynn Valadez is a great leader in our classroom. She does her class job and often helps with other jobs when students are absent. Adelynn also has worked really hard to meet her goals in Istation Math and Reading.

Kindergartener Josiah Cardenas is a student who is always proactive as he begins work, stays on task and completes assignments to the best of his ability. He is also an excellent leader during Phonics lessons as he participates fully putting forth excellent effort. Josiah can always be found putting first things first as he is a very good listener and follows classroom rules consistently.

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Leader In Me

Open this link to review a quick idea to help discuss goals for 2023! If you are not able to print this, it is easy to do on any paper you have!

Caught Being a Leader!

Click HERE to see this week's leaders!

Students cannot only be caught being a leader at school by staff, but also at home by you! If you see your child exhibiting any of the habits on their own without prompting, fill out this form! Examples: Habit 3: Put First Things First - Your child went to a quiet area in your home and began doing their homework without being told. Habit 5: Seek First To Understand, Then To Be Understood - Your child listened to their sibling’s point of view during an argument, understood why their sibling was upset, and did not push their own opinion of what happened or interrupt.

Students that are caught being a leader will have their name announced on the morning announcements and will be able to choose a charm for their Leader In Me Chain. Students proudly wear their chains to our Campus Awards.

CLICK HERE to tell us about how you caught your leader using their habits at home!

WIG 3 Winners - Cafeteria Behavior

Congratulations to the following classes that earned the Golden Fork or Silver Spoon for the week of December 12th-16th.

2nd Grade

Golden Fork - Robertson

Silver Spoon - Raygosa

3rd Grade

Golden Fork - Lopez

Silver Spoon - Camarillo

4th Grade

Golden Fork - Collins

Silver Spoon - Kerns-Garcia

5th Grade

Golden Fork - Haass

Silver Spoon - Crowther

Breakfast/Lunch Menus

Visit to fill out the Free/Reduced Lunch Application

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Student Lighthouse Team Gave Many New Student Tours! Welcome to LCE!

Mrs. Garza's and Camarillo's classes celebrated their CA #3 success with cotton candy

MVHS Girls' Basketball Players Greeted Students on Friday

Caught Reading

LaCoste Elementary students often go above and beyond! With that in mind, we love to acknowledge when they do. Reading is an important everyday activity. It shows great examples of the Leadership Habits we know are the foundation of our success. We like to “Catch Students Reading”. Examples of that would be; students independently choosing to read as a leisure activity or students achieving a reading goal they had set for themselves, like finishing their first chapter book or reading their first book independently. Parents can also "Catch Students Reading" at home! Please click the button below to submit your child's name for the drawing.

Each week a name is randomly drawn from those submissions. Their name is displayed on a bulletin board in the library, given a prize for their accomplishment, mentioned in our morning campus announcements and posted in our Parent Newsletter.

Last week’s winner was Emmanuel Garza!

Emmanuel was caught by his mom Mrs. Garza

This week’s winner is Wade Haley!

Was caught by his mom. First day of winter break, he woke up and chose to read instead of technology!

Caught Reading

Parents can also submit their child for the drawing if they catch them reading at home!

Upcoming Events

Upcoming Dates:

Jan. 9th - Law Enforcement Appreciation Day/ Report Cards Posted

Jan. 16th - No School - MLK Day

Jan. 23rd - Board Meeting at Potranco Elementary

Jan. 27th - No School

Jan. 30th - Progress Reports Posted

Jan. 31st - 100th Day of School

Feb. 2nd - Texas Military Heroes Day

Feb. 6th - 10th - School Counselor’s Week

Feb. 16th - MVMS Counselor’s pre-registering with 5th grade/ GT Specialist on campus/ Love of Learning - Math/Reading Family Night

Feb. 17th - Class Picture Day/

Feb. 21st - UIL Competition - Storytelling/Spelling

Feb. 22nd - UIL Competition - Listening/Social Studies/Oral Reading

Feb. 23th - PTO Meeting/UIL Competition - Creative Writing/Ready Writing/Dictionary Skills/Number Sense

Feb. 28th - UIL Competition - Music Memory

Feb. 27th - Mar. 3rd - Dr. Seuss Week

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