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FSEB-Who is Human?

FSEB's Change of Mind

The FSEB used to think that being more than 49% Bio Gel meant that you weren't human and were illegal. Things have changed now. The California Daily looked into this matter and I got a say in what's right. I believe that if they have at least some human in them, they are considered (at some extent) humans. So what is human? According to the Marian Webster, human means to have human attributes and form, but one of the synonyms is natural. Would you consider somebody who is 24% human natural? I know I would. If I were to make laws, I would make it where as long as you looked like a human, talked, moved, acted and had emotions like a human, you would be fine. If someone decides to do something that horrible, maybe we might just kill that person, and use the 'non-human' as a lab pet. But how would you like it if you spent your life in a lab? And I know otherwise. Some think differently, and it's you're decision. What do you think makes someone human?

Never too late to remember

Fox Inside

California Daily was offered an amazing chance to speak to the one and only Jenna Fox. She was welcoming and let us share this once in a life time opportunity with you.

CD: When did you learn you were made out of Bio Gel?
JF: Well, I found out that there were some back-ups in a closet at my home, but at that time I hadn't known that. I mean, it was strange. I got cut, and when I saw it , my first instinct was to get a band-aid to stop the flow of blood. But as I staggered downstairs, I realized it wasn't really blood. It was Bio Gel.
CD: We heard you were in a year long coma. What happened?
JF: takes a deep breath I had been in a car crash, and my two best friends, Kara and Locke both died. My parents, as the head of Bio Gel, chose to use Bio Gel to help me out. But that was during the coma. When I re-awoke, I had no memory whatsoever. I didn't even know how to smile!
CD: How long do you think your shelf life can last now?
JF: I'm really not sure. Two-hundred and sixty years ago, my father had told me that my shelf life would only last about two-hundred years. At that time, I was laughing because it was so grotesque. Now, I'm not sure when I'm going away.
CD: What did you do when you found out about your Bio Gel 'situation'?
JF: I couldn't take it. It was just to hard to believe, but I'm glad I learned about that long ago. I would've been freaked out if I realized I wasn't growing at all.
CD: How did you meet Allys?
JF: I went to school. She had prosthetics back then, and I thought they were awesome. I really didn't know that I was made out of Bio Gel back then though. Jenna frowns. Now that I think about it, it sounds strange. Somebody made out of Bio Gel. She shrugs.
CD: Why did you want to go to school?
JF: I was lonely. I mean, if you were to be stuck in your house with only your grandmother and your mom to talk with, would you like it?
CD: If you could go back in time to change anything, what would it be?
JF: It would probably be all the fights I had with Claire.
CD: If you had all the technology at your fingertips, how would you use it?
JF: I would learn about this kid named Dane I met two-hundred sixty years back. She shudders, He was just so.... empty.
CD: What made you travel the world spreading awareness about Bio Gel?
JF: It was actually Allys's idea to do it. Before, she was always about the FSEB, now it's with Bio Gel. She and I want to let the world know that it's not bad to use Bio Gel, and it helps to see people like me.
CD: What do you think about the new rule from the FSEB?

JF: I truly think it's great. For one thing, I'm not illegal anymore, and neither is Allys, and people who really need Bio Gel can use as much as they want as long as it is over 10%

CD: Do you feel special to be made out of the most Bio Gel?

JF: Not really. I guess it is nice to have the pleasure, but I have heard of some discrimination going on about Bio Gel. It's now the center of bullying. It's just not right to have them bullied, and I feel like it's my fault.