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Important Information

Students received letters and a Aycock school report card highlighting testing results from the 2012-2013 school year. A snapshot has been provided but you can access a full report on the website enclosed in the letter.

We need your help parents as we work hard to maximize instructional time. There is a high volume of classroom interruptions as a result of parent phone calls to students. Effective immediately, the front office will no longer transfer calls to classroom during instructional time or interrupt classrooms during the school day. If there is a message for a staff member, calls will go directly to voicemails. If there is a need to leave a message or an item including lunch for your child, he or she will receive the message or item before lunches begin at 11:10 or at the end of the school day at 3:45.

We understand that in some instances, emergencies arise and we will be sensitive to those situations such as early dismissal for appointments. Again , we must limit disruptions so that students are focused on learning during the school day. It is crucial that we protect teaching time at Aycock Middle School for all students and we appreciate your understanding of this change.

We are aware that students have their personal cell phones and may text during the school day to respond to parent messages. It is our position, that students will not do this during instructional time however. Please communicate before and after school with your child at all costs when possible. As a quick reminder, students should not be dropped off before 8:30 and should be picked up on time afterschool. Students will not be supervised before 8:30 by Aycock school staff. This request is for the safety of our students.

Thanks so much for your partnership in education.

Keisha Brown