The Great Gatsby

F. Scott Fitzgerald

The Great Gatsby

The Great Gatsby, by F. Scott Fitzgerald, is a classic literature book that takes place in early 1900's New York. The characters' lives intersect amidst lavish parties and questionable choices, but in the end, those who were invested in love were destroyed by those who were invested in their love of money and status.

By Flannery Williams T3

Nick Carraway

The story starts with Nick, the narrator of The Great Gatsby. Once he moves in next door to the glitz and glamour of Gatsby and his lifestyle, Nick soon finds himself attempting to relive the past with his neighbor. Gatsby's obsession with Nick's cousin Daisy, a married woman, becomes more evident throughout the entire book, and Nick and his girlfriend Jordan fuel the flames of Gatsby's desire by inviting both Gatsby and Daisy to tea at Nick's house. When the tea party goes well, Daisy and an overjoyed Gatsby agree to meet in secret, with a little help from Nick. Nick holds Gatsby is very high regard and is willing to do anything for him. However, while Nick is a very good friend to Gatsby, he is also one of the biggest third wheels in history.

Cousin of: Tom and Daisy Buchanan

In a relationship with: Jordan Baker

Neighbor and friend of: Jay Gatsby

James (Jay) Gatsby

Jay Gatsby remained wildly in love with Daisy Buchanan years after their relationship ended, and in spite of Daisy's new married status. So in love is he that he moves to the house directly across the water from where she lives. Gatsby hosts extravagant parties every night in hopes that one day Daisy will come to his house. She never does. So when Daisy's cousin Nick moves in next door, Gatsby leaps at the opportunity to have him set up a meeting between himself and Daisy. Nick generously arranges for Gatsby and his cousin to meet. As Gatsby had hoped, Daisy falls in love with him again. Gatsby finds himself in the past, back to a time when Daisy had once loved him five years prior. Gatsby though, having gotten Daisy back, becomes impatient and tells Daisy's husband Tom about their affair. Later, while driving his car, Daisy runs over the woman Tom has been cheating on her with, Myrtle Wilson. Since it was his car that she was driving, Gatsby takes the fall for Myrtle's death because he can't bear the thought of Daisy being hurt in anyway. Since everyone thought he was guilty, Myrtle's husband George seeks out and kills Gatsby. That was the end of his story.

In love with: Daisy Buchanan

Neighbor and friend of: Nick Carraway

Lives across from: Tom and Daisy Buchanan

Killed by: George Wilson

Daisy Buchanan

The female lead of the story, Daisy Buchanan falls in love with Gatsby five years before the book takes place. At some point between then and the book's beginning, she falls in love with and marries Tom Buchanan. When her cousin Nick moves in across the bay from her, she has him come over multiple times in hopes that he will fall in love with her friend Jordan Baker. What Daisy doesn't know is that Gatsby and Nick are trying to have Daisy fall in love with Gatsby again. Once Gatsby and Nick are successful, Daisy begins an affair with Gatsby. Now, both she and her husband are having affairs with other people. Daisy and Gatsby soon confess to Tom that they are having a relationship, and Tom reveals that he has been suspicious of the two of them all along. The day of the confession, while driving Gatsby's yellow car, Daisy accidentally runs over Myrtle Wilson, the woman Tom has been having his affair with. She and Gatsby drive away, leaving Myrtle's dead corpse to be found by Tom, Nick, and Daisy's friend Jordan minutes after the accident. Gatsby knows how horribly Daisy will be treated if she takes responsibility for Myrtle's death, so he takes the blame for her. When Gatsby is killed by Myrtle's enraged husband, George, Daisy and Tom decide to leave New York and "settle back into their money."

Married to: Tom Buchanan

Best friends with: Jordan Baker

Cousins with: Nick Carraway

Having an affair with: Jay Gatsby

Kills: Myrtle Wilson

Tom Buchanan

Tom Buchanan is a man who loves being in control of everything. He has a lot of money, a stable yet shallow marriage, a successful affair with a beautiful woman called Myrtle, and is a well respected polo player. The only variable Tom cannot get a handle on is a man by the name of Gatsby. He starts to hear more and more of his neighbor across the bay and suspicion arises. He does a little research and talks to people who know Gatsby, and starts to wonder if Gatsby's newer money is just a fraud. Once Daisy and Gatsby admit together that they love each other and have been meeting for a while, Tom is furious. But not nearly as furious as he is when he finds out Myrtle has been killed by a "mysterious yellow car" that housed Daisy and Gatsby. Tom jumps at the chance to undermine Gatsby and reveals exactly whose yellow car it is that has killed Myrtle. Tom, Daisy and their daughter leave New York after that incident, allowing other people to clean up the mess they have made.

Married to: Daisy Buchanan

Having an affair with: Myrtle Wilson

Cousins with: Nick Carraway

Lives across the bay from: Jay Gatsby

Jordan Baker

As Daisy's best friend, and a well known national golf champion, Jordan has always had a gateway to the upper class and superior parties. Therefore, going to Gatsby's lavish parties was a must. Jordan and Gatsby become acquaintances early on. Once Jordan starts dating Nick, the three of them concern themselves with Gatsby's ongoing obsession with Daisy, and set up an opportunity for Gatsby and Daisy to have tea together at Nick's house. Jordan also appears to be the most informed source on Daisy's history in the book, and multiple times she describes her younger experiences with Daisy, giving an insight to the heroin's backstory.

Friends with: Daisy Buchanan

Dating: Nick Carraway

Acquaintances with: Jay Gatsby

Myrtle Wilson

Tom Buchanan, bored with his shallow marriage with Daisy, begins an affair with a woman by the name of Myrtle Wilson. Myrtle is not mentioned in the book incredibly often, but when she is, it's normally about her telephoning Tom at inappropriate times. Most people who know Tom and Daisy are very aware of his affair, as is Daisy. Supposedly on accident, Daisy, while driving Gatsby's car (whom she was having an affair with) runs over and kills a hysterical Myrtle. Myrtle, apparently upset with her husband, George Wilson, to whom she is unhappily married, runs out into the street just as Daisy drives up the block . Gatsby, in a desire to protect Daisy, takes the fall for Myrtle's murder.

Married to: George Wilson

Having an affair with: Tom Buchanan

Killed by: Daisy Buchanan

George Wilson

George Wilson is very aware that he's done well in marrying Myrtle Wilson and is very faithful to his cheating wife. When his Myrtle has been run over by a mysterious yellow car, he sets out to kill her killer. Tom, who already despises the owner of a particular yellow car, thinks it best to inform George that Gatsby was the murderous driver. George, enraged that anyone dare hurt Myrtle and then drive away from the accident, finds Gatsby in his home and shoots and kills him. Daisy and Tom politely remove themselves from the picture of New York after that incident, and settle back into their money. The story ends with George, a confused man riddled with sorrow, shooting the hero of The Great Gatsby. He will never know he shot an innocent man that night.

Married to: Myrtle Wilson

Murdered: Jay Gatsby