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Why you must come here

'Cause The cliffs are the highest (with a six-hundred metre into the atlantic ocean below) and one of the finest marine cliffs in the north of Ireland and in Europe!An awesome scenario.
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Some advice

It is very adviced to leave the car at Donegal and walking trought the cliffs,'cause the area isn't very appropriate for cars and enjoy better this trip.Another advice is...preparation!you can't come here without preparation in climb,'cause the steep of the terrain;and finally,don't come here when is windy...it's strong a lot! Maybe it is dangerous,but very bery beautyful place to visit.

The one man's pass and "Amharc Mor"

The "One man's pass" wth 600 meters,is the highest cliff-top.Is advise to have a lot of courage and preparation to reach it.And "amharc mor" (the great view,in gaelic) is very advised,'cause is absolutely the most scenary in Donegal.

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The cliffs...

The first 15 min of the trip,the terrain is like a walkway,but it comes more and more rocky as you proceed into the cliffs.Is advise to take the safety route.

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Please,come to visit it