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Leadership is your capacity to build a future interesting enough for others to build that future with you. Everyone has the capacity to be a leader. If you influence others then you are a leader and if you have people follow you, you are a leader. Leadership in the 21st century must help solve dynamic and complex problems never seen before and requires skills, knowledge, abilities and behaviors to inspire change in ourselves and in others to create positive and sustainable results.

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LEAD TCML believes in developing talent up and down the organization. By focusing on peoples' strengths, values and beliefs, in other words their personal blue print which makes everyone unique, LEAD TCML taps into the potential people have to be the best they can.

LEAD TCML can help you, organisations, institutions, non-profit and other businesses create sustainable change and achieve high performance results. Trust on LEAD TMCL to help empower your team to reach the next level.

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LEAD TCML is your one-stop shop for professional and educational knowledge creation and strategy consulting in Leadership Development, Talent Management, Intercultural Management and Sales & Marketing Leadership. Contact LEAD TCML to discuss your LEADership plans and we will be happy to support your cause.

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A cornerstone of LEAD TCML Leadership Development is to understand individuals and teams how they really are. LEAD TCML uses psycho-analysis assessment tools to help discover your behaviours, values, thinking preferences and communication style. Contact LEAD TCML to find out more about our evidence-based and highly respected assessments.

Please contact us by email to purchase your assessments. If you have already received a keycode for an assessment, please go to:

5-Day Certified Executive Intercultural Management (CEIM) Program

Wednesday, May 29th 2013 at 9:30am to Sunday, June 2nd 2013 at 5:30pm

686 Weena

Rotterdam, ZH

CEIM-Program locations: Rotterdam - New York - Sao Paolo - Dubai - Sydney - Hong Kong - Tokyo

LEAD TCML's globally renowned Certified Executive Intercultural Management Training-the-Trainer program will be held from May 29 - June 2 2013 in the Manhatten Hotel in Rotterdam. This certified course provides you all the insights, state-of-the-art knowledge and best practices in Intercultural Management and is your entrance into Intercultural / Global Business skill Coaching.

This certified course will help you develop your cultural intelligence and enable you to be a reflective practitioner in the art and science of intercultural management. Intercultural Management training is the next big thing in business training and coaching for global business and culturally minded people.

This course is for:

- HR Managers & Directors

- Intercultural Management Trainers & Coaches

- Global Business Managers

- International Sales & Marketing personnel

- Cross Cultural Educators


- Organizations: 3950 Euro

- Individuals, Partners, LEAD Alumni: 2950 Euro

To register, contact LEAD TCML at

What is intercultural Management (ICM) and Cultural Intelligence (CQ)?