The Amygdala

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What is the amygdala?

this is an oval structure located in the temporal lobe. The amygdala is the part of the brain that controls emotions in a human body such as: fear,sadness,love and hatred. It is one of the smallest parts of the brain.

The female and male amygdala?

the female and male amygdala is different in size as u can tell by the pictures the female amygdala is larger, why u may ask well because female emotion is more than male emotion that is why females tend to cry more in like a family disaster than a an so in more cases than one the man because of his kind of amygdala is the more calm and comforting one in a crises

Research done on the teenage amygdala + random facts.

Research states the the amygdala in teen brains are fully developed while the reasoning and understanding part is not fully developed so the human brain is some what not even that is why teenagers act the way they do.

*autism is caused when the amygdala is damaged.

*The name amygdala comes from the greek word almond

Extra knowledge on The amygdala.

*Imagine you lost your job.You have some money saved,and a chance to double it with a gamble .But if you lose the bet you will forfeit everything .What would you do?

most people would not gamble their savings. people tend to choose avoiding losses over acquiring gains a behavior known as loss aversion.But people with a damage to their amygdala during emotion and decision making likely take bigger risks.

*fear is a human emotion that has been universally understood today.So much is it understood that we can sense it in their facial expression. All felling of fear boil down to two small lumps of neurons the known Aygdala

More facts.

Whether its human a monkey a rat or other animals the amygdala portion of the brain is the processes fear,and removal of the same would make one completely fearless. This was proved in 1939 paper published by two neuroscientists - Heinrich Kluver and paul bucy who reported that taking out the teporal lobes completely in monkeys had led to dramatic behavioral changes.

What will happen if the amygdala is destroyed?

If removed there will be a massive reduction of fear and aggression the monkey would also become more friendly sexually and non sexually towards other monkey.How about humans? similarly there there is reduction of fear and aggression. The amygdala also causes the individual to have impaired ability to interpret emotional aspect of facial expression. It has been linked to autism, where MRI has detected an in the amygdala volume. Amygdala has a strong relationship with the social ability of a human body

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