Jackson - The Jerk

Indian Removal Act

Because Jackson did not like the natives, he wanted to get rid of them. He felt like they were lesser beings, that needed to be rid of, or moved. He said that it would be cheaper to move them, instead of killing all of them. He authorized the state militia of Georgia to remove the 16,00 natives. Congress made a section for them to live, which is now Oklahoma. Unfortunately, the land was nothing like what the natives had lived in before. It was completely empty; boring. Congress approved the Bureau of Indian Affairs.
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Tariff of Abominations

The year before Jackson's election, northern manufactures demanded for there to be a tariff on imported woolen goods. The northerners wanted the tariff to protect their industry activity from foreign countries. Before Jackson was president, congress passed a tariff on imports, that made the Southerners to be furious. The Southerners called this the "Tariff of Abominations".
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Exterminating the National Bank

Andrew Jackson did not always favor with federal power. He argued that it was not constitutional in favor of the states. Jackson believed that the states should have control over their own banking laws. Because Congress did not get 2/3 votes of the majority, Congress could not overpower Jackson's veto. Jackson continued to break down the bank by moving its funds to other state banks. He finally got the national bank to crash down once for all by making U.S. citizens to only use gold & silver for currency.
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Political Cartoon (Below)

The political cartoon below depicts Andrew Jackson as a king. Because people felt he was abusing his presidential power, they called him "King Andrew"
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2 Letters to the Editor (Cherokee & Soldier)

Positive Light: Soldier

(1.) I feel bad for these Natives. I know President Jackson needs us to move them, but I still don't like it. Oh well, I don't want to disobey him. It is good that we will have their land as our own now. Hopefully the Cherokees will at least like the fact that we moved them, instead of killed them.

Negative Light: Cherokee

(1.) I absolutely hate this. I hate Andrew Jackson for making us move. What are the chances that I'll live anyway? I'd rather die then be forced in a place that will never be my home. Maybe I'll try to escape..