Water Cycle

The most important thing!


When water evaporates it becomes water vapor. How? The Sun has a lot of heat so when its energy hits water it evaporates. Also when evaporation occurs when water which is a liquid changes to a gas. Bonus information: Water evaporates at the boiling point of 100 degrees Celsius!!!!


When water vapor cools down it becomes water droplets and when they come together they form clouds. Also when condensation occurs water vapor becomes a liquid.


When enough water groups up all in one cloud, the cloud becomes heavy and that's when precipitation falls. Precipitation comes as Snow,Hail,Rain, and Sleet.

What powers the water cycle?

The sun is the main source in the water cycle. If we didn't have the sun, there would be no water cycle.


When precipitation falls some water soaks into the ground, but sometimes water doesn't soak in instead runs on the Earth's surface. With luck the water might go back to where it came from.


This is the process in which moisture from plants are evaporated from the sun.

It can happen with any plant.