ATV Safety

By: Eila Mathias & Savannah Arcand

"Stay off roads stay on trails."

Why is ATV a safety issue

The reason people should try to follow the rules is some one could get hurt or worse killed. Another Reason is, because you or the rider of the ATV could get pulled over by the authorities. Third, is because you or the rider could
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Stats to show the problem

Three-hundred-twenty-seven people died in 2011. ATV's are more dangerous than dirt bikes.

ATV prevention tips

Always Wear a helmet. Keep close to the speed limit. Stay of the road. Do not whip around corners or someone could hit you. Do not go in deep waters unless sign says yes. Always check tire pressure before going for a ride or something could go wrong. Always check gas before leaving for a ride. ALWAYS have a map. Always be prepared for the worst.