by:De'Yanah Lyle

What is FAS???

Fetal alcohol syndrome is a congenital syndrome caused by excessive consumption of alcohol by the mother during the pregnancy , characterized by mental development and of physical growth, particularly of the skull and face of the infant
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What causes FAS?? How can it be prevented ??

FAS is caused when a women drinks alcohol within a few weeks of being pregnant with out evening knowing. This can be prevented by not drinking any alcohol while being pregnant .
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Symptoms & Effects

  • small head
  • small and wide eye set
  • very thin upper lip
  • below average height and weight
  • hyperactivity
  • lack of focus
  • poor coordination

How can this be detected ?? What treatmeants for this condition?

  • Slow rate of growth
  • abnormal facial features or bone growth
  • hearing and vision problems
  • slow language


medication(neuroleptics, to treat anxiety and aggression)


alternative treatment ( massage and acupuncture)

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