Strohpaul Classroom News September

September 16th, 2014

Updates, and Other Important Information

Well, I think that we are off to a great start this year! We are building a community of STRONG READERS and THINKERS. Our class procedures are becoming second nature and I hope organization at home is also becoming easier and easier. I always remind students to set a positive example for others around them and I can see that attitude coming through each day. Thank you for all of your hard work at home as well, please contact me anytime with questions or concerns.


Please send a note or leave a message with me via phone to excuse your child if he or she is absent or has been absent so far this year (illness, event, or otherwise). Medical excuses need to be turned in to the office for proper documentaion.


I am organizing the days and times that we can use volunteers in our classroom and I will be contacting you soon if you were able to do so. Before you can volunteer in our class (this includes attending for a class party), you MUST fill out an ICHAT form background check in the main office. They will also require a picture ID to copy and keep on record. All part of keeping our children safe.


Please send in a set of earphones or earbuds with your child for use on their Ipads. These will stay at school in a labled baggie only for use by your child.

BFF's -

Please be sure to look at, and keep at home, the flyers/newsletters/handouts that come home in your child's BFF. These should be coming back to school each day and containing only homework to turn in and/or notes/forms to be handed back in at school. Thank you!

Dates to Remember

September 17th, 8:45am - NWEA Reading Assessment

September 24th, 8:45am - NWEA Math Assessment

September 26th - SCHOLASTIC book orders Due

September 26th - 3rd grade Fall pictures

October 22nd and 23rd - Parent Teacher Conferences (more info to come)