Periodic Table

By Benny K., Katerina R., Katalina M., Elena W.

Periodic Table

Transition elements 3-7

The transition elements are more towards the center of the Periodic Table. They're this way due to their properties and the number of protons each one has. Also, this makes it easier to view them.

The number of valence electrons that are associated with transition metals is 2.

Periodic Table

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Environmental Hazards

Chromium can cause allergic reactions that can lead to nosebleeds.

Yttrium can cause damage to cell membranes of water animals.

Three Uses of Transition Metals

Yttrium is mainly used in televisions to make color picture.

Lanthanum is used in household appliances like the fluorescent lamp.

Chromium is used in metals to help protect against corrosion and to shine metals.