K-6 Monthly Library Report

January 2017


School Days This Month: 18

Days the library was closed: 0

Total Lessons Taught: 84*

Classes that checked out each week: 43

Students served (individual students coming to library not with a class): 380

Items checked out: 2,419

*total lessons number is drastically lower than normal due to 3rd grade opting out of lessons, they asked only to do check-out


PreK continues to learn the procedures of the library and book care. They now enjoy a read aloud along with a check-out while practicing the use of shelf markers. Kinder has worked on comparing and contrasting the difference between fiction and nonfiction books. 1st grade has had fun read alouds involving worms and flies. They even had a chance to learn more about each topic using Discovery Education. 2nd grade has continued working on their reading skills by doing activities with character traits and author's purpose.


- Mrs. Grafton's class came in for a lesson to explore different types of nonfiction texts.

-Mrs. Kleiber has begun rewarding her students who complete their weekly iStation requirements with time in the makerspace on Fridays.

-I worked with Ms. Matocha and Mrs. Grafton on main idea and had their classes come in for a review game.

-Mrs. Kleiber and I worked on a problem solution lesson in which students looked at different types of media and had to create their own problem and solution text structure. The students looked at news reports and news articles about a potential chocolate shortage in 2020. Students spent the next day putting together the information into a problem and solution paragraph in Mrs. Kleiber's class.

Mrs. Nelius and I have begun to collaborate on a research project. I will be helping her students use our databases to research animals.

Additional Tasks Performed

-Nonfiction is finally weeded of outdated and/or damaged materials. junior nonfiction and biographies have begun the evaluation process.

-I have "attended" 2 webinars and had a conference call with our Scholastic representative. Book Fair will be February 27th-March 3rd. I will attend the next PTO meeting to ask for parent volunteers. I will also be visiting classrooms to do short booktalks about books that will be featured at the fair.

-I am working with our representative at Renaissance Place to have a phone conference so we can discuss implementing Accelerated Reader for all grade levels next year.

-Bluebonnet voting took place in the library January 27th. We had 68 eligible voters which is less than our 91 eligible voters last year. However we did have 4 students read all 20 books when last year we only had 1 student complete that task. For next school year, I need to reevaluate how to keep the momentum and keep our students excited about the books from September to January,