By Josie

A cool fact

  • Grasslands are threatened by fires because there is not a lot of rainfall so in the summer it gets very hot and the grass can catch on fire and spread very quickly so there are a lot grasslands gone.

Grassland animals

There are cougars, coyotes, rats, deer, bison, buffaloes, and so many more

Fun facts

There are 3 types of grasslands. Tall grasslands have very tall grass, up to 5 feet tall, and they get almost 30 inches of rain a year. Mixed grasslands have grasses that grow around 2-3 feet high. This kind of grassland gets about 15-25 inches of rain in a year. The third kind of grassland is the short grasslands. This type of grassland is almost a desert. It has very short grass and only receives 10 inches of rain each year.

Grassland ecosystems
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