Phase 1 Assignments

Let's all get on the same page before we turn the next one.

Required Pre-Trainings

The below videos are required pre-trainings before I will begin your customized coaching program. I will be referencing concepts and practices from these trainings.

If you were live for any of the video trainings then you do not need to watch them again unless you would like a refresher.

How to Make $500 a Month
Live Pipeline Training

Sharing the Opportunity Activity

During this training you will be instructed to perform an activity. You will need a sheet of paper and pencil.
Recruiting is simply Sharing what you Love

The Compensation Plan

Understanding the Compensation Plan is a key element in leadership. You will not be able to fully maximize your earnings until you understand how they are calculated. Please take this quiz to see how well you know it. If your score is not 100%, you will need to watch the Compensation Plan video.

Please reference the Compensation Plan Document when taking the quiz if necessary.

Compensation Plan Document

Click here to download the PDF for your market.

Hobbyist Document

Click here to download the Hobbyist FAQ.

Compensation Plan: An Overiew

Goal Setting

Knowing your destination is key but you won't ever get there unless you know which road to take. Download the goal tracker for the rank you are trying to achieve this month. Fill it out in its entirety. You can do this electronically or by printing it out. Put it somewhere you will see often. If you have a planner, you can use that for your scheduling.

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