what is cyberbullying

Cyberbulling is when you bully someone on the internet. The victim can go through depression, loneliness, laziness and feel very down and their  self esteem can be very down. Cyberbullying is bullying that is over the internet. if you have a device and make fun of someone that would be considered as cyberbullying.

information of cyberbullying

Cyberbulling consits of name calling on social network, threating them in many ways and making fun of them. Also this can be fixed by telling a parent or some one close to you that this person is getting bullied.

example of cyberbullying

an example of some one that is getting bullied is some one texting another person saying a nasty things to that person on the phone consistently bulling that particular person on that persons phone. but then it just continues and continues and never stops.

why people shouldn't do cyberbullying

People shouldn't Cyberbully because it can affect someones life. It effects they're lifestyle and it can also effect their sociality. Also it can cause some one killing themself because of people bulling that particular person on the web. So people please stop bullying peolpe or else it will happen to you.