Jasmine's study guide


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What poetic terms do you understand?Give a definition or example of each term.

Personification-It means to act or do something like a person or a human. Ex-A person of justice as a woman shut her eyes.

Simile-Is a figure of speech comparing two unlikeing things that are often by like or as.Ex-Shes as fierce as a tiger.

metaphor-A figure of speech notusing like or as.Ex-He was drowing in paperwork.

Hyperbole-Means to over exaggrate.Ex-Thats enought food for a army.

Theme-The main subject of being dicussed over or written down.Ex-A themed restraunt decorrated like a spaceship.

What do you know about literary nonfiction?

a.How is literary nonfiction different from regular nonfiction?answer-Well my answer is how there diffrent is literary nonfiction is just nonfiction with a little craetivity and nonfiction is just the boring stuff mrs.mershon has to teach us.

My answer between the diffrence of the types of literary nonfictionis tat there texts as in menus and there street signs.Informacial text is factual which includes oter types of nonfiction.

b.What are the differences in the types of literary nonfiction?




4.Personal Narritive


What are plot elements in fiction? Why are they important?

A plot element is all events that happen in a storyI think why it is important is because thats what are all in a story because if there wasnt a plot element then we cant learn and there wouldint be a story

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What is the point of view in fiction?Why is it important?

An authors point of view is what happens in a book without stating more than can being from the storys autions.The reason why I think it is important is becaues you actually know what the author is reading you about and why he wrote it that way.

What do you know about the tools of reading?

a.What is inference?How do you infer things?Why is it impotant? Answer-Infrenceing means a guess and you infrence things by text evidence infrenceing is very im potant to know because if you didnt now what infrence was then you would just guess things and get them wrong.

b.What are the three types of connections you can make with text?Why is it important to think about making connections?Answer-There are three types of connections to text there are text-to-self,text-to-text,and there is text-to-world. I think that the cnnections from text are very important because it allows kids to learn how to draw connections.

c.How is a main i dea diffrent from a summary?Answer-The diffrence between a summary and the main idea is the main idea is just a though a story a summary on the other hand is a short version of the whole story. Say if I wrote about a circus and a clow then that would be the a summary but if I just wrote about the clow and that is it then that would be main idea. Main idea is just a part or thought of a story an summary is the whole story just in shorter form.

d.What is theme in fiction? How is it diffrent than the main idea?Answer- Theme is just a main idea in the plot story map and main idea is a thought of a story.

What have you learned about grammerso far this year? Describe how each piece is used and give me an example using your own completa sentence?

a.Comparative and superlative adjectives-