Hawaii's Endangered Animals

Loxops coccineus Akepa


The Loxops Coccineus Akepa wingspan can be 59-69 millimeters.Their height can be 10-13 centimeters.Their weight can be 10-12 grams.Their colors depend on their gender.If they are males they are orange-red. If they are females they are green-gray with yellow.


The Loxops coccineus Akepa live in ohia or koa trees.The birds can also live in montane areas.


The Loxops coccineus Akepa males had trouble with the natives of hawaii because they were hunted and killed for their wonderful bright feathers.Most of the Loxops coccineus akepa are still fighting to stay alive because of all the trees that have been cut down.

Food chain

Some predators are the domestic cat,polynesian rats,black or roof rats,and brown rats.Some natural predators are bird-eating owls, pueos and Hawaiian hawks.Very little is known about the akepa since the amount of birds have decreased over the years.

Critical Information and Endangered Reasons

The natives of Hawaii thought that the Loxops coccineus Akepa male birds had beautiful feathers and people ended up killing many of them so they could make robes.They had lots of trouble because the natives were cutting down trees and they still are.There is curently only eight different types of the Loxops coccineus.

Save The Loxops coccineus Akepa

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