Oakwood Weekly Update

October 18th, 2020

Weekly Update

Happy Sunday! We officially have completed three full weeks of hybrid and remote learning! Our little bears will begin MAP testing this week. Please see the designated MAP instructions based on your learning experience (hybrid/remote) below. Tuesday- Thursday there will be NO MORNING MEETINGS. Our hybrid learners will be MAP testing at this time.

All Oakwood teachers will be sending out a survey asking for parent feedback on our Hybrid and Remote learning options via email. We appreciate any feedback and your support so we can continue to make adjustments throughout the year.

Friendly reminder, any computers or chargers that are broken will result in a repair charge from the school. Please continue to talk to your little bears about the appropriate care of all electronic devices.

Traffic has been great so far this year! Please remember to pull all the way up when dropping off or picking up your student/s and please don't forget to display your child's last name and grade level on your visor sign. If you need another visor sign, please contact the front office and we will send one home with your child.

We have recently put up tents around the perimeter of the building to allow students to take mask breaks in case of inclement weather. When students are utilizing the tent, one side will be completely open to allow for proper ventilation. The remaining three sides of the tent will be down, but not enclosed so we still have proper airflow. Mask breaks during inclement weather will be shorter in duration.

Week 4 we are ready for you! When you are sending your little bear to school in a hybrid fashion please remember to complete the wellness screener every morning before you send your child to school.

Covid Protocol

We would like to thank all the families that have personally called the OW office to inform us of situations within their families and that have been working with us when their child feels ill. Following these procedures and having open lines of communication will help ensure that we are keeping our students and staff safe.

Attached below are the CDC guidelines to review if/when your child is sick. If they are exhibiting any COVID symptoms we ask that you bring them to your pediatrician so they can be cleared to come back to school. We have also received numerous questions regarding seasonal allergies. If your child has seasonal allergies we need a doctor's note on file that states your child has allergies. If you have any further questions please feel free to reach out to our school nurse, Mel Earnest, at 630-257-2286 X1102.

If you send your child to school and they are exhibiting COVID symptoms, your child will be sent to the nurse and likely sent home. If your student is sent home from the nurse you either can have your student quarantine for 10 days OR take them to your pediatrician to get your student evaluated and cleared to come back. If your student is quarantining they will continue to do their asynchronous work during the at-home learning days. For the days that they are absent due to quarantining, we will have their missing work ready in the office on Fridays to pick up.

Big picture
Big picture

Digital Code of Conduct

If you have not electronically signed the Code of Conduct Student Information Handbook please do so at your earliest convenience.

Attached is the Code of Conduct and Student Information Handbook for the 2020-2021 school year.

The Parent/Guardian Signature Page is digital this year and can be found by clicking this survey link. Please review and submit this form no later than Friday, October 23rd.


We recognize that Halloween is a time of celebration for our littlest bears, but this year we will be celebrating a little differently. Oakwood will not be hosting our annual Halloween Parade. Instead, on October 29th and 30th classrooms will be participating in a one-hour Halloween celebration. During this celebration, classrooms will complete a Halloween activity. All crafts will be done with student's individual supplies and will maintain 6ft of distance at all times. Students are allowed to wear their Halloween costumes to school on the 29th or 30th; however, students MUST keep their mask on throughout the day as they typically would. We are asking that students do not bring additional props with their costumes and refrain from face paint. Students should wear their costumes to school if they choose to wear one.

Remote learners will have their own Halloween celebration on October 30th. Students can also show their costumes through their respective Zoom classrooms. Remote teachers will be communicating their plans later this week with families.

Parent volunteers are not permitted this year for our celebrations. Thank you in advance for your understanding and cooperation.

Hybrid Rotation

Monday October 19th will be a B Day!

Tuesday and Thursday are ALWAYS A Cohort Days

Wednesday and Friday are ALWAYS B Cohort Days

October 19: B Day

October 26: A Day


November 3rd- NO SCHOOL

November 9th- B Day

November 16th- A Day

Don't Forget

Monday is a B Day!

Remote Learning Reminders

Please continue to encourage all remote learners to ask questions to their teacher during live lessons, if they have them. Parents if you have any questions regarding the lesson, routines, or other concerns please reach out directly to the teacher via phone or email. They will always get back to you to address any issues.

If you were not able to pick up the remote learning supplies on October 1st, you can call the office at any time and come pick up your materials.

Important MAP Update

We now have two options for our remote students to take the optional MAP assessment. We will continue to offer our in-person option, each grade level has a specific date and time for both tests below.

If you would still like your student to take the MAP assessment but you are not comfortable with coming in you will need to send Ms. Kwasny (kkwasny@sd113a.org) an email no later than October 20th. Students that require remote testing will need to have family support to administer the assessment during the designated time frame and assist with preparation for administering the test remotely. Additional information regarding your assigned afternoon testing schedule, device readiness, technology specification, assessment protocols, and practice exercises will be provided to the families making the commitment to provide this assessment to students. We will notify all families that would like remote testing of the respective testing dates at a later time.

After the testing window, you will receive a report that shows your child’s assessment profile.

If you are choosing the in-person testing option, students will be required to wear a mask, maintain social distancing, and we will disinfect before and after testing sessions.

During the test, students should bring a school-issued device and charger, headphones, and something to read in case they finish early.

Below are the dates for grade-level tests. All students will enter through the main doors of the school at 2:00 pm. MAP testing will be complete at 3:45 pm. Students will report to the MPR where they will be properly socially distanced. At 3:45 all students will be escorted out of the building and placed on our social distance dots to maintain 6ft of distance while waiting to be picked up. Remote learners will only be in a room with other remote learners.

October 22nd and 23rd- 2nd Grade Reading and Math MAP

October 26th and 27th- 1st Grade Reading and Math MAP

October 28th and 29th- Kinder Reading and Math MAP

In-Person Learning Reminders

As a reminder, when your student is at home learning they are to log onto their classroom meeting in the morning, and then complete asynchronous work for the remainder of the day. This is work that can and should be done independently. This is work that would reinforce the standards and lessons taught previously. If your child is struggling with the work, that's okay! The classroom teacher will review it the next day when they are in person. Please remember to charge your student's computer device before sending them to school. We do not want students to have to transport chargers as well as their devices.

Before you send your little bear to school each day, please make sure you complete the following checklist:

1. Complete the wellness screener on your Skyward app or on the computer

2. Bring your lunch or make sure your student orders once they are in the building.

3. Make sure that you are sending your student on the correct day that correlates with their cohort.

4. Make sure your student has their mask and they are ready to wear it!

MAP Update

October 20th-23rd our hybrid students will take a MAP Growth test from NWEA on their computer or tablet at school. MAP Growth scores help teachers check student performance by measuring achievement and growth in the area of reading and math. Teachers will use the results to tailor instruction and set goals with students.

MAP Growth tests adapt to your child’s response to measure your child’s skill level. If your child answers a question correctly, the next question is more challenging. If your child answers incorrectly, the next one is easier. The results provide a more complete picture of what your child is ready to learn.

After the testing window, you will receive a report that shows your child’s assessment profile.


Students attending school are required to wear face masks while in school. The school district will supply two face masks for students and have a supply of disposable masks if they forget their mask at home. A mask must cover the child's mouth and nose. Additionally, the school will provide a lightweight lanyard that will clip to their mask. This will allow students to easily take masks off for mask breaks outside and for lunch without dropping them to the floor or mixing them up with other masks. Your cloth mask should be washed nightly and brought back to school the next day. We suggest you wash the mask and let it dry by your backpack so it is easy to remember in the morning.

Article 1

Article 2

All students will receive several mask breaks built into their daily schedule. Each classroom has a designated time, door, and area assigned to take a ten-minute mask break. Mr. Talaga and I specifically assigned doors and locations for each classroom to ensure that students are only with their classmates during breaks and recess to minimize the risk of exposure to other classes.

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Big picture

Oakwood Book Fair

Our wonderful PTO has set up a Virtual Book Fair. The Book Fair will run from October 19th- November 1sr. The direct link to the fair is located below.


Wellness Screening

All students entering Oakwood School will complete a two-step health screening process. The first step is an at-home self-certification. All parents will need to log onto Skyward through the app on your phone or through your computer and self-certify that your student does not have any symptoms related to Covid-19 and that you have not been in direct contact with someone that has Covid-19.

Once students come to school, they will enter their homeroom class and their classroom teacher will take their temperature in addition to the self-certification completed at home.

Below are two videos to show you how to use the self-certification app on skyward. The first video will demonstrate what will happen if your student has symptoms after you submit the response. The second video will demonstrate what will happen if your student is cleared to come to school.

Video 1

Video 2

Please, if your child does not feel well, do not send them to school.

Lunch Procedures

This year all first and second-grade students will be eating lunch in their classrooms, with the exception of our allergy classrooms. We are encouraging students to bring their lunches in a brown paper bag with their name on it instead of bringing a lunch box back and forth to school. This change will assist with our cleaning and sanitizing process after lunch. All students will keep their lunch bags in their backpacks until lunch starts. We are also asking our families to include food items that are easily accessible and that will allow your student to open the item independently. We also ask that you do not bring in lunches during lunchtime unless your child forgets their lunch. We are trying to limit the number of people that come in and out of the building on a daily basis.

During the selected hybrid learning program for your child(ren), continued free lunch will be offered through the current USDA lunch program. On the days your child is physically in attendance at school, please have your child let his/her teacher know in the morning during lunch count and attendance if they would like lunch. Lunch will then be delivered to their classroom.

On the day your child is learning from home, you may pick up his/her lunch at Old Quarry Middle School, 16100 127th Street, Door 7 between 9:00 a.m. and 1:00 p.m.

In the event you are unable to pick up lunch for your child on non-school days, special arrangements can be made. Please contact the Business Office with any questions at 630-257-2286.

This lunch is being offered as a free lunch until December 31, 2020.

Pick-Up and Drop-Off Instructions

Safety is a priority on our campuses. This year, more than ever before, we will have cars dropping-off and picking-up students. We have enclosed very important safety information and guidelines as they relate to morning drop-off and afternoon dismissal procedures, ensuring the safest routes for our students. As a result of cooperative brainstorming between the Lemont Police Department and school personnel, the following traffic patterns have been established for a safe route in and out of the schools.Please make sure you have your car sign with you when picking up your students. This sign should have your last name and grade level for your student.

If You Only Have Oakwood Students or You Have Oakwood Students with River Valley Siblings

AM Drop-Off: Parents enter onto Kim Place from Keepataw Street. Continue driving past the north entrance of the building and turn right at the stop sign. Continue driving along the front of the building to the very south end. Please remain in a single file line; parents must remain in their vehicles for safety purposes and to keep the traffic line moving. At 8:35 students will be able to exit their vehicle and enter the building through their designated grade level doors. Once your child has exited their vehicle, you will be directed to continue along the drive to the stop sign at Una Street to leave Oakwood School. Additionally, should traffic back up on Kim Place, we ask that you do not block private driveways and fire hydrants. Your assistance is greatly appreciated.

Students going to River Valley will walk down the sidewalk and enter through door 22 or the front entrance of RV.

If You Have Children in Both River Valley and Oakwood Schools

PM Pick Up: All students with siblings that are picked-up, will be picked up in front of Oakwood School. Please follow the same traffic route listed for Oakwood students. River Valley siblings will meet with Oakwood siblings in the River Valley Hallway or gym. They will exit the building through door 22 at 3:00. Again, we ask that parents remain in their vehicles. Students will be led to the front of Oakwood and guided to their cars. Staff will be outside assisting students as necessary.

If you have siblings at Oakwood

When your students enter the building they can enter through their grade level doors. PM Pick Up students will exit out of the second grade/siblings door, door 21.

If you have a preschool student and an additional sibling at OW, both students will exit out of Door 18. Both students will be able to walk back to your vehicle on Kip Place, this way you do not need to get back into the traffic line.

Picking up and/or Dropping off during Midday (Oakwood)

If you are picking up your child from morning kindergarten at 11:15 a.m. you should enter onto Kip Street and pull up to the front of the building. Additionally, if you are dropping off your child at 12:35 p.m. for afternoon kindergarten, please enter onto Kip street and pull to the front of the building. PLEASE NOTE: Kim Place is closed to vehicle traffic during our midday programming. ALL car traffic should travel down Kip Street. Kim Place is designated for BUSES ONLY during this time period (11:15 a.m. through 12:35 p.m.).


We are asking that families not congregate on school property. Practice walking with your child to school. Choose a spot away from the school to meet your child. If you must meet on the property, please wear your mask at all times and stand away from other families. We are working hard to teach our students about social distancing at school and do not want mixed messages when they come or go on our property. All walkers will exit out of the second-grade door, door 21.

Oakwood and River Valley students who are designated walkers are those students who do not qualify for bus service and walk to and from school.

Oakwood Walkers: Enter through grade-level entrance and exit door 21. (Staff will be available to guide students.)

Need to Enter A School?

We love when families can visit and volunteer at our school. Unfortunately, at this time, we are working to keep the number of people coming and going to a minimum on our campus, so we are asking that families only come to school if there is an emergency or an issue that must be dealt with in person. If you need assistance we are a phone call away and can help you problem-solve. If needed we can decide if and when you should come in or if there is a better way to meet (Zoom, Google Meet, etc.).

Oakwood: Parking is available in the Oakwood and River Valley parking lots.

Should you choose to use the parking lot, we ask that you personally walk your child in and out of the building through the main entrance of their building. Please do not drop your child off in any parking lot as our lots are not designated walk zones and there is no supervision in our parking lots.


Drop Off: 8:35-8:45 A.M. Academic bell rings and classes begin at 8:45 A.M.

Students will be dismissed at 3:00 P.M.

Pick Up Window: 3:00-3:25 P.M. (follow procedures mentioned above)

Traffic Secret: During the times of 3:15-3:25 there are very few cars in the traffic pick-up lane. This is especially true after everyone learns the traffic pattern. Coming a little later, but still in the pick-up window almost guarantees that you zip right through.

During dismissal, we will be distancing students as much as possible on the sidewalk. We’ve increased our pick-up space and believe this will be helpful. Although we realize that some of you may experience a bit of delay or slight inconvenience as a result of traffic procedures, we firmly believe that these inconveniences are minor when compared to the safety of our students. Please note that this plan is only a framework, and we will constantly monitor the procedures to determine if any changes need to be made. Should any changes need to be made, parents would be updated in advance.

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Dismissal for Car Riders

This year we have a large number of car riders. In order to assist with social distancing and traffic, we will be releasing all car riders and walkers at 3:00. Please note that this is a change from last year. Students will be waiting for pick up by their grade level doors, socially distanced by black decals on the ground.

When you are picking up or dropping off your student you can pull all the way up and we will direct your student to your car.

Early Childhood students will be released at 2:55 by their EC designated door in the afternoon.

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Bus Riders

As we get ready for the start of the school year we ask that you remind your child/ren of the following rules that are in place while traveling on a School Bus.

  • Students must wear a mask the entire time they are on the bus.
  • Students must sit and remain seated correctly in their assigned seat.
  • Students must keep their hands to themselves.

We will stagger classroom dismissal to the busses to help with social distancing. As a reminder, 1st and 2nd grade students will be let off the bus without an adult present to walk home. All EC and Kinder students need a parent to get them off the bus.


Attendance: If your child is absent, please call 630-257-2286 X 1110 to report the absence in the same way you would for in-person learning. Please be sure to specify the reason your child is absent and if ill, give as much information as possible.