My Time - Human Cloning

By: Nych Aide

Intro to Cloning

Human cloning is a big issue in the science world and with today's technology Human Cloning has grown even closer. But with the excitement surrounding human cloning there is a lot of controversy, that's why I am give you the information you need.

Pros of Human Cloning

Human coning has some upsides to it that make some people believe it is needed. There is a high demand for human cloning. One example of a pro is, by human cloning it can prevent birth-defects and mental diseases. This could help make sure that the child will have a normal life without any disadvantages. Also, cloning could be a solution staril people, allowing them to give birth and have children. This would help a lot of people have the life the want.
how cloning works

Cons of Human Cloning

Cloning has some Cons that make people believe it should never be used. For example, the clone would be considered the sibling of the mother which would cause extreme emotional pressure in the family. This shows how it could be a bad thing for the child, because instead of a normal life they will know that instead of a true mother whoever gave birth is their sister. Also, the genes of the baby would be older than the baby itself allowing diseases more common in older people to develop in the child while it is young. This may cause serious issue that may cause the child to die while it is still young.

Now it is your Decision, Are you For Cloning or Against Cloning?