Precambrian Time

Very hot and filled with ultraviolet radiation


There is not much life there so you can have a lot of time by yourself. By life I mean you won't find much of it and the life is just one-celled bacteria. But during the last 100 million years you can find some complicated life at the bottom of the ocean.

What you will need to bring

You will need a floating house, a thousand industrial fans, and bring an oxygen maker. Make sure to make the house out of something that cannot melt or burn because the earth will be very hot at the beginning. Also don't let the there be any cracks in your house because the oxygen will burn up and so will you. Luckily there will no weather since earth is just a liquid ball of fire at first. If you came at the end you will need a huge parka because you might come face to face with the longest ice age in earth's history. The walls of ice will be very tall and it will cover the entirety of earth.


One of the first events you will see is the creation of the earth. You will see earth as a giant ball of lava and then watch as the earth get hits by a mars-sized object. You will also witness thousands meteors raining down on earth over millions of years. Then you will see the first life forms in the form of one-celled bacteria. The bacteria will become early plants and will create oxygen. Next, you will witness ice slowly cover the whole planet during the longest ice age ever. Then you will be onto the next period.

Places to go

There isn't really any specific place to go at the beginning of the time period because it is so hot, but towards the middle and end you can go to places where very big things happened. You could go to the bottom of the ocean floor towards the end of the period and see the first complicated life forms.


Weather will happen in the period and some of it it will be during an ice age. It will be snow and ice so dress warm. It will also rain like it does today.
Precambrian Era


This time period is very dangerous. You are likely to be vaporized by the extreme heat. If you go to the later part of the period you may also freeze to death. If you go to the beginning there will not be any oxygen. There may also be hundreds of meteors raining down on you. Also when there is no ozone you will be pounded with ultraviolet radiation.