Zach's Lie

Author: Roland Smith

Summary about this book.

A boy name Jack is involved with a drug lord that is connected with his father. Now, his father is caught and Jack's family has to move to a new home and change their names. On the way he might not like it where he's at in his new home. He will soon meet a girl name Cat that will change his mind into liking this place. Soon he will discover how to bail his father out of jail. But there is a character that will show the drug dealer of who they are and where they are.

Settings of the Book

  • Elko, Nevada
  • Near by a dessert
  • Also in a mountain range that includes of Ruby mountains

Author Background

Roland Smtih was born in Portland, Oregon, and graduated from Portland State University. Then he started a part time job in a zoo called Oregon Zoo. Soon, turning into a 20 year career as a zookeeper. Also, one of his first books was Thundercave. He still works in the zoo with the animals but he does work on some of his animal books on his free time.


Zach- He's just a normal kid. Not a Nerd, Jock, Bully, or even a Ghetto. He's just a normal kid who just fits in with the other kids. Just the only thing with him that cancels him into being the average kid that gets A's and B's is that he's in the Witness Protection Agency. He is the Protagonist in this story.

Catalin- Nickname is Cat. She is the girl who will date Zach and also fix his world back together.

Sam- Is the janitor of the school and also the director of the play "The Opera Ghost". Is a retired spy for the Russians. That's why he is here in Elko to escape from them.

Alonzo- Is the cause for all of this mess with Zach's life and family. He is the main drug dealer in his drug empire. This character is the Antagonist in this story.