By: Luke Jarock

Our Problem

We were given an assignment in class to come up with a contraption to let an egg survive a fifty foot fall using specific materials which are 50 cm of string, 50 cm of tape, 5 cotton balls, 5 toothpicks, 5 packing peanuts, 2 paper cups, 5 tooth picks, 5 q-tips, a plastic bag, and a Styrofoam cup. But the problem was I had no idea where to start.


Me and my partner had thought for a while when we thought of the word parachute so that was one idea. We would make it using the string, all the tape, both cups, all of the cotton balls, and packing peanuts. Our next idea was to have the egg taped on a piece of cardboard with a parachute we would build this using the bag, the cotton balls, all the tape, all the string, the cardboard, and the packing peanuts.

Our Model!

So right away the next day we were going to try to build our parachute idea. We stuck everything on, and had our contraption! We dropped it off the lab table and it didn't work. So we tried our next idea the parachute with the packing peanuts. We got on the table I dropped it and it landed and bounced, we opened the capsule and the egg was not cracked we did it! But we still had one more model to build the cardboard packing peanut design. It took a few minutes but it looked good. Once again we got on the table, dropped it and it worked!

Deciding Omelets fate...

It was time to decide which contraption would work the best. We had to look to see how fast each one fell, how it landed or if it bounced. It turned the contraption with the cardboard, the packing peanuts, the two cups, the rubber band, the cotton balls, the string, and the bag. When we tested it the parachute landed softly. So we were going to use that contraption.

Omelets 50 foot fall!

The very next day we were deciding if omelet would get cooked or live. We had only 10 minutes to touch up on our contraption, but we were already done. As we neared the doors to get outside I was exited, as we got outside I saw the fire truck. Five minutes later we were ready. And as I dreaded we were first. Then omelet started to fall. It was going to fast it was going to crack! Smash! We ran over to see the egg, opened the capsule... AND NOOOOO!!!!!!!!!! THERE WAS A SMALL CRACK!!!!! But I will count that as a pass anyways!