Two Moons in August

Martha Brooks

Two Moons in August is about a girl named Sidonie who has went through bad times in the past year with her mom dying. When Roberta, Sidonie's sister, came back from college she is really bossy because she thinks she has the responsibility of being the mother figure to Sidonie. they went swimming one day at the pond down the road, when they met a new guy, that just moved there, name Kieran. They kinda start off not liking each other but grow to love each other. They fall in love but he has a girlfriend back in Toronto, Canada where he came from. they decide to just be friends. Roberta on the other hand is in love with, a Asian, guy named Phil who is a doctor. He loves her too but he get confused and doesn't call or talk to her in about 3 or 4 weeks. Roberta gets upset and doesn't want to leave her room. Kieran breaks up with his girlfriend back in Toronto for Sidonie.

book report by: Emily Ramsey