2015 Year in Review

Teddy Daniel, Marketing 1, Period 3

Three Companies Who Marketed Themselves the Best

1. Amazon

Amazon has successfully expanded beyond online commerce to music, TV, photos, and more. For example, "The Man in the High Castle", a show available to Amazon Prime users, has been extremely popular. Through innovative and clever initiatives like one-hour delivery in some cities and development of drone technology, Amazon continues to excite consumers. This publicity has been incredibly successful in promoting the company.

2. General Electric

GE made a large-and successful- social media campaign in 2015. Through engaging representations of technical advances made by the company, GE has generated interest on Instagram, Tumblr, and Vine. By focusing on its science applications, GE has begun to generate an innovative, advanced image for itself, thus creating trust and admiration among customers. The company has also developed funny and clever television ads to further engage customers.

3. Apple

Through ads underscoring new features in Apple products, the company has been able to maintain hype for their new products. Apple defined itself through innovations and has continued to maintain that image.




Best Products (Fire TV Stick and Lenovo Thinkpad T450s)

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Worst Products: Logbar Ring and Innerly (Smart Jewelry)

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Best Movies

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As both movies were sequels to immensely popular franchises and their advertisements successfully exploited consumer nostalgia. Star Wars also partnered up with companies like google to indirectly advertise with special features for google users based on the upcoming film. Special anticipated previews and word of mouth advertising were also implemented to advertise the films.

Top Two Musical Artists

Adele and Ed Sheeran had the number one and number two albums in 2015, respectively. Adele's talent and refusal to follow pop trends contributed to her popularity this year, along with an appearance on the popular show SNL. She also aired a mysterious commercial on "The X Factor" to generate anticipation and hype on social media. The song also appealed to her base, or those who bought her previous album "21". Ed Sheeran was featured in a beats commercial, which was responsible for a significant portion of the success of his song.


Adele - Hello
Ed Sheeran "Don't": New Beats Solo2 Commercial | Beats by Dre
  1. Samsung Galaxy S6
  2. Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge
  3. Apple Iphone 6S
  4. Apple Iphone 6S Plus
  5. Samsung Galaxy Note 5



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