General Information

Sweden joined the EU on January 1st, 1995. At one point, parts of Sweden were colonized by Russia and Finland.

Geography and Physical features of Sweden

Sweden is located at 62 degrees North, 15 degrees East. Sweden is mostly flat with mountains in the West. It is slightly larger than California. Sweden's physical features are the Baltic Sea, Gulf of Bothnia, Kattegat, Skagerrak, and the Kolen mountain range. Sweden is located between Finland and Norway. The Capital of Sweden is Stockholm. Four major cities are Gothenburg, Malmö, Uppsala, and Västerås.


The Swedish flag was most recently adopted on June 22, 1906. It is blue with a yellow cross offset to the left. They took the design from the Danish flag and the colors are from the Swedish national arms.


If you visit Sweden, be sure to visit these places:

Drottningholm- beautiful views and statues, sometimes they have plays in the summer

Vasa Museum- amazing sunken battleship from the 19th century

Government and Currency

Sweden has a constitutional monarchy. It's currency is called the Swedish krona.

3 interesting facts

At Påsk (Easter) kids dress up like witches and go door to door collecting candy.

Sweden has 76% of working mothers.

In Sweden, only 4% more men are employed than women.