Let's Back It Up A Bit

A tip for backing up Notability notes.

Note to fear, Auto-backup is here.

Notability is awesome.

Everybody loves it. Teachers and students alike use it every day to take notes and annotate assignments. With it being such a work horse one can accumulate a lot of critical information inside of this app. Which is why the thought of something bad happening to the device that this app is installed on is so paralyzing.

I come to you today to say, "Fear not fellow users". The developers of such a great app accounted for this with the "Auto-backup" feature. That's right. Any note created or modified in Notability will and can be automatically backed-up to the cloud service of your choosing. These cloud services include:

  • iCloud
  • Google Drive
  • Drop Box
  • and more!

Below you'll find a step-by-step guide for setting up Auto-backup in notability. Also included is a screencast to use as an extra reference just in case.

Notability - Lets Back It Up A Bit