Come visit the beautiful Athens, Greece

Eating Out In Athens Is An Adventure!

There are a variety of foods in Greece. Souvlakia, grilled skewered kabobs is a popular Greek fast food. The spicing of greek foods is interesting, lamb, olive oil, and fish are common ingredients. For the coffee lovers, Greek coffee is similar to Arabic coffee. Its important to know what your ordering, Pikro (bitter), Metrio (semi-sweet), Gliko (sweet). For desserts Baklava and Kataif. In the summer however, sweets give way to fresh fruits such as large peaches, melon, watermelon, grapes, and pears. Be sure to try one of these interesting foods while your in Athens.


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Yassou Ti Kanis ? (Hello how are you?)

Did you know Greek is the oldest European language descended from the indo-european languages. Also Greek is one of the foundation stones of almost all other european languages. The Greeks also perfected literature forms as epic and lyrical poetry. getting around in Greece is a lot easier once the Greek alphabet has been mastered. It is worth while to learn Greek.

Pictures of Greece

Athens is Always an Adventure!

The most varied Nightlife in the Country and Remains a Major European Center of Culture.

There are 19 century monuments as well as one of the best museums. The temple of Olympian Zeus, the largest temple ever built in Greece. Southeast of the Acropolis stands the Theatre of Dionysus where the playwrights of ancient Athens staged there dramas. Athens also has the finest restaurants so be sure to check some out. Athens is tourist heaven if... your willing to take the time.

Map of Athens, Greece

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Do you really know about Athens history and culture?

Did you know the heritage of the classical era is still evident in the city. Athens was the host of the first modern day olympics. Also the concept of democracy was born 2,500 years ago at the foot of the Acropolis in Athens. Athens was built in the plains of the Attika between the Parnite, Penteli, and Aymettos mountains. Athens has a lot to offer and even more to enjoy!

Athens Weather is Magnificent!

Between June and October be sure to book a hotel with air conditioning. Earthquakes frequently shake Greece, and mountains in the north attract rain. It stays warm in Athens till the end of November. The average temperature is 80 degrees or 27 degrees Celsius. Autumn and Spring can be chilly and wet but you won't need much more than an umbrella and a wind breaker or light jacket.

Athens Landmarks

In Athens the Parthenon, temple is dedicated to the goddess Athena. The Zappleion is one of the most important building of Athens next to the National Garden. The Hill of Lycabettus is the center of Athens, and offers a good view of the city. The Erechtheum is a temple of icon style on the Acropolis in Athens, it was built between 420 to 406 BC. Those are just some of the many landmarks worth seeing in Athens.

Nightlife in Athens

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