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Preferred Customer Monthly Newsletter, August 2016

Goodbye Summer...

Hello fabulous Preferred Customers!

As we begin August and I am preparing to head back to school on the 8th, it seems like this summer has gone by faster than any other! B. J. is still in the midst of his crazy summer trips. He came home yesterday from a weekend stay with our region's South Korean guests and heads up to Palo Alto tomorrow for a four day convention with them. He leaves for a Tijuana mission trip on Saturday, and then he is home for good! I think we will both be glad to get back to normal work and home schedules! As I start planning to be back in the classroom, I am also making plans to get back on stage and into films and have several auditions lined up, so prayers appreciated in that department as I have been on hiatus for two years. The nerves are back with a vengeance! Ha! I hope you are all doing well and that you can sneak in a few last minute summer adventures before the busyness of fall overtakes us. Meanwhile, check out this month's crazy promotion from the home office and from me, plus last month's winner below!

Be blessed,

Megan :)

Gifts From the Home Office....and From Me!

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Ok, friends! This is an AMAZING deal! (It is a better offer than we get as consultants!) Our home office is giving away a FREE box of our targeted wrinkle filler, Acute Care, with the purchase of a REDEFINE AMP It Up special. If you've wanted to try the anti-aging arsenal, now is the time, because I doubt the incentive will ever be more enticing than this! It amounts to $613 in product for about 53% off. If you are already using REDEFINE but haven't tried the roller, this offer is too good to pass up. Our AMP MD Roller is a patented tool with micro-needles that do two things. First, they poke microscopic holes in your skin which tricks your brain into thinking there is an injury that it needs to send collagen to. We ALL have a decline in collagen production after the age of 30, and this decline contributes to the signs of aging in our skin. The roller helps combat that! Second, the little holes allow for your product to go deeper and therefore work faster and better. Many of the extreme before and after pictures you see on my page are from folks who are using the roller in combination with a regimen. Our Acute Care is ALSO an amazing piece of skincare technology, so check out the article below on info about what it does and how it works. I can't believe they are giving away boxes for FREE!

SO! Because this is such a SWEET deal from the company, I am going to make an additional offer! Anyone who orders this special during the month of August will go into a drawing for a FREE Multi-Function Eye Cream from me. This product is absolutely amazing (those of you using it already know!), and it is commonly referred to as "eye crack" in the R+F circles. It was sold out for my first TWO MONTHS in the business. It's that good! It's a $60 value, and with that, the REDEFINE regimen, the AMP MD Roller, AND the Acute Care strips, you won't just be any old skincare smarty - you'll be an all out wrinkle warrior!

What it is: Acute Care targets wrinkles with line-defying hyaluronic acid and peptides for visibly reduced expression lines in 10 uses over 4 weeks (although many people see a difference in just ONE use!).

What it does: Our state-of-the-art, patented Liquid Cone technology melts into lines and wrinkles for smoother, younger-looking skin with visible, often dramatic results. It's so simple, and it goes to work when you go to sleep. Can't beat that!

How it does it: Each liquid cone holds hyaluronic (pronounced hahy-uh-loo-ron-ik (I know, it took me a while too!)) acid and oligopeptide-1 (oh-lee-go-peptide) in solid form until it comes into contact with skin. Upon contact, the cone melts onto the skin and INTO THE WRINKLE!

How to use it: Acute Care should be used in conjunction with your nighttime skincare routine. It should NOT be used over active acne or on areas of sensitivity, redness or irritation. For best results, use Acute Care three times a week.

Why to use it with a regimen: Using Acute Care in partnership with a regimen is what helps you achieve enhanced results. Hyaluronic acid works best on hydrated skin, so a regimen like REDEFINE can help prepare your skin for best results. Daily skincare is essential to healthy skin function and repair. Your regimen is like your insurance policy that protects your skin. To further enhance results, use our AMP MD Roller for a more youthful-looking appearance.

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Saturday, Aug. 6th, 6:30pm

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Come and share a scoop of ice cream and GET the scoop on Rodan + Fields! I'll be dishing out info on the business and the products while we cool off with a sweet treat.

Leave the Aging to Wine and Cheese

Saturday, Aug. 20th, 6:30pm

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Let's leave aging to wine and cheese and keep our skin looking as young as possible! Join us as we toast to great skincare products and an amazing business opportunity.

Coffee, Cookies, and Conversation

Friday, Aug. 26th, 7pm

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Join us for a casual chat about all things Rodan + Fields as we enjoy some evening treats.
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