Third Grade Weekly Update

September 10-15, 2018

Important Dates

September 7-14- Book Fair

September 11- JES University - Curriculum Night 5:00-7:00

September 14- Field Trip to UNT

September 19- PTA Meeting and Volunteer Training

September 28- End of 1st 6 Weeks

October 8- Columbus Day- No School for Students or Staff



Math- homework sheet is due Friday

Reading- At least 30 minutes of reading each night recorded on reading log. The following are tasks that go with their reading.

  • Monday- Readers will choose one goal to challenge themselves as they read tonight
  • Tuesday- On a sticky note write down what type of reader would like your book. Put it on the inside cover so we can share in our Book Buzz tomorrow!
  • Wednesday- Interview someone at home about their reading. What are they reading this week? Ask follow up questions about types of books and how they read. As you read, make sure to mark some good spots with sticky notes to share with a partner tomorrow.
  • Thursday- After reading or at the end of the chapter ask yourself three questions. How did you do? Did you pass? Did you pass your comprehension check? If you did, put a sticky note with a check. If not, that is ok. Even expert readers have to reread all of the time.
  • Friday- Read and record on your log .
  • Saturday/Sunday- Read and record on your log.

Writing- Students will bring their writing notebooks home nightly. They are welcome to write stories or ideas down as they come.

What We Are Learning This Week


This week we are continuing to focus on place value. Students are learning how to order and compare 4 digit numbers. We will have a test over place value on Wednesday. Later in the week we are going to start looking at multiplication. Multiplication is a large focus in 3rd grade. Below in our multiplication song. This really helps get kids started with learning how to skip count.


We started building our reading life the first week of school by...

  • treating books like they are gold
  • finding within reach or just-right books and reading a lot of them

Last week we paused our reader's and writer's workshop to do engaging rotations and take time for reading level testing (DRA - diagnostic reading assessment).

This week we are wrapping up testing, going back to our workshop routine, and continuing to build our reading life by...

  • setting goals and tracking progress
  • setting up systems to find and share books
  • setting up partnerships that help us grow as readers

Later in the week, we will shift our focus to developing deeper comprehension of the stories we are reading.


Our focus is on writing stories from our lives with more independence by...

  • finding ideas
  • adding strategies that help us when we are stuck
  • editing
  • practicing different leads


  • What gets a capital letter?
  • Education Galaxy writing/grammar placement test
  • Cursive


Students are continuing to learn how scientists investigate problems. They explored science tools last week. They will learn more about the scientific method and start scientific inquiry.

Social Studies

  • Map Skills

Office News


Tuesday, September 11

5:00 – 7:00 pm.

Come and Go

Parents can choose up to 4 sessions to attend on grade level skills, social/emotional learning, extra-curricular activities, technology tools, and parenting supports.


Our school mascot needs a NAME. Should it be Jaxx, Jett, or Jazz?

Kids get to cast their votes with Box Tops. Did you know that our school earns 10 cents for every Box Top?

ARAMARK Letter to Parents

Information about buying breakfast or lunch in the cafeteria

Order your child’s birthday treats from Aramark! With 2 weeks advanced notice, the cafeteria will have the ice cream ready to pass out for your child’s birthday during their lunch time! You can pay online, have it pull from their account or send in a payment. Easy!