Changes in the 21st century

By: Bailey Rogers


There are so many changes in the internet during the 21st century. Instagram was created and now millions of people around the world use Instagram. Another example that of the 21st century is Facebook and Snapchat.

Immigration Native American Struggles

Native Americans had many struggles through there years of immigration. During the 90s was a very big time and struggle for the immigration of Native Americans. Now during this time you don't really hear about the Immigration of native Americans but the struggle of immigration in other countries.

Medical Advancements

Now this is probably one of the biggest changes throughout time. This has had probably as much change as technology has and probably more throughout time. We can now have surgery and we have tools that some people probably though would never happen.

Technological Advancements

There have been so many Technological Advancements in this world. many people probably never thought that we would have cars that don't depend on gas and phones like we do have now. If you ask me anything about anything on this earth it has all changed a lot or even just a little.

Population Shift

Population shift has been a big topic going around. It has been a very big topic in the presidential campaign of 2016. Many Hispanics and people around the world have been trying to come to America to get a better life than n their country. Many people mainly Republicans want to keep these people out of the United States.