My Visual Resume

by Michelle Stecko

Educational Background

I have been in District 83 through Kindergarten [Roy Elementary] to Middle School [Mannheim Middle]. Now I am in High School, attending my Freshmen year at West Leyden.


I do not have a job currently, because I am not of age. Once I do get a permit, I do hope of finding a job during High School. After college, studying whatever I may choose, I want to find a job that is basically still an office, but a huge playground. A job that I wouldn't mind waking up to everyday.


After taking multiple mandatory typing classes, I could say that I type pretty quickly, although I am still getting the hang of things. I guess I can also say I'm good at reading, writing.

Hobbies, Talents, Travel Family

My hobbies are playing guitar, playing piano, playing video games and hanging with friends. I also like to draw.

I don't think I have any talents.

My family and I don't really travel, but we did go to South Carolina during spring break. It was me, my mom, and her boyfriend.

Accomplishments / Awards

My accomplishments are

  • Indoor Skydiving.
  • Getting honor roll all throughout Middle School.
I did get an award in music in elementary school and one for art in middle school