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School Counseling Vision

The Marshall Elementary School Counseling Program works to achieve collaborative relationships that ensure our students build a strong foundation for success and learn to their fullest potential. We envision a caring and supportive environment with developmentally appropriate learning opportunities which will allow students to reach their potential as scholars, develop healthy and meaningful relationships with their peers and to explore post-secondary and career options for their future. Our vision is that our scholars will leave here with the desire to be life-long learners.

School Counseling Mission Statement

The School Counseling program at Marshall Elementary strives to empower its students to have a positive influence on our community by providing a comprehensive approach to assisting students and their diverse needs. We provide our students with a world-class education by delivering a program which assesses the strengths of our educational community and allows us to advocate for the diverse needs of our student body. Through these efforts we strive to enable our students to become competent, responsible citizens that can achieve their own academic, social/emotional, and career goals, paving the way for advanced educational opportunities.

What Services Do I Provide?

In a school-wide implementation of our comprehensive program, I will be providing classroom counseling support (in the form of lessons and class meetings), to the entire student body. My hope is that with these lessons, (focusing on career, social/emotional development, and academic success) we will be better equipped to set our students up for success!


On a slightly smaller scale, I will also be implementing small group lessons/meetings based on teacher and parent referral. The purpose of small group counseling is to focus on a particular concern for your child (academically, behaviorally, or emotionally). Parents, teachers, and students can all recommend students for a particular group. These groups are designed for the school counselor to work with students who are experiencing a common concern and allows them to work together to learn more about their experiences/feelings.

Groups meet for 30 minutes weekly for 4-6 weeks during non-academic times throughout the school day.

This more individualized focus will help students who need extra support in specific areas that include but are not limited to

  • Study Skills
  • Friendship Building
  • New to Marshall
  • Grief and Loss
  • Divorce
  • Social Skills
  • Anger Management
  • Anxiety

*All students will need a signed permission slip from their parent to participate.

The focus of these small groups will provide all students with an equal opportunity to be successful. Please find this form below!


Finally, I will also be meeting with students individually as needed. We all have those days or times when we might need a little extra attention and love. These individual sessions will allow me to connect one on one and focus on specific needs that might be impeding to a happy and productive day.

*Please reach out to me if you feel your loved one needs a little extra attention or care.

ONLINE Small Group Permission Form

Please understand that by filling out this form it does NOT guarantee your child participation in a group. This is simply to collect data regarding group topics and interest. I will do my best to provide group counseling to students where necessary.
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