Nation Ford Marching Band News

Weekly Update September 13 - September 19

“Times and conditions change so rapidly that we must keep our aim constantly focused on the future.”

- Walt Disney


After school practices have begun and the students are doing a great job! It's safe to say both students and staff thought it felt great to get back to rehearsing like old times!

The "B"-day students will have their next after school practices on Monday, with our "A"-day students starting after-school rehearsals on Tuesday and Thursday.


*ALL STUDENTS must wear athletic attire that allows you to move freely such as shorts, t-shirts, workout pants, etc. at rehearsals (no jeans). Please bring your clean NF Band issued neck gaiter buff. (These are best machine washed and hung to dry. The replaceable filters are very reasonably priced on Amazon.)

*ALL STUDENTS must wear athletic shoes.

*ALL STUDENTS must have a brimmed hat - no exceptions! This is to protect your eyes and head from the sun (you may keep this in your bag so that you are prepared for when we may go outside) Please do not bring a red hat.

*3 Ring Binder with plastic sheet protectors to hold all music and materials
*backpack (regular type or small string-drawn backpack) that holds your music binder and sheet protectors

*Pencils (you may want to have a pencil bag that you can insert inside your binder-this is great to hold both pencils and tuners)

*1-Gallon Water Jug - NO EXCEPTIONS (water coolers should be cleaned regularly and come filled with fresh, clean water every day - please write your name on your cooler with a black Sharpie)

*Students may bring snacks to keep in their bags (Please note snacks are to be consumed only at designated times and only with permission from a director or staff member)

*Wind Players: please bring a tuner and a metronome - you can find acceptable tuners that are affordable AMAZON LINK

You may also use an app with your smartphone.


Monday, Sept 14: "B" Day Students

Tuesday, Sept 15: "A" Day Students

Thursday, Sept 17: "A" Day Students

Parents, please remember that rehearsal schedules are fluid and the word for the year is FLEXIBILITY! This information will be communicated to your students in class, and via Google Classroom. They are responsible for letting you know their schedule. Please be sure to ask your student about their personal schedule.


**Now that after school rehearsals have begin, students MUST be picked up in the car rider line. The bus lanes are enticing because they are close to the band room, but we've had some close calls with people driving around the round-a-bout as others are pulling out. Please keep our parents and students safe and do not try to pick up there. **

As a replacement for traditional marching band uniforms, our students will receive a customized "Nation Ford Band" Track-Suit type uniform for them to keep which will be used for public performances and our 2020 production project. This week we will begin sizing students by trying on sample jackets and pants while having both the student and staff person wearing masks and gloves to offer additional protection. Those students/families who do not wish to try on garments for sizing will be assessed visually for the best fit possible. We may not be able to exchange garments that do not fit exactly to the students' liking, but every effort will be made to accommodate a good fit. (Stay tuned, we may be able to update this space in the next few days with a size guide.)


Students may only leave rehearsal items on the shelf (rehearsal bag with practice clothes, music) instrument and cooler, but nothing may be left behind for other classes that would require them to return to the band room before the end of the day. Students may not return to the band room except for their designated band class time. Everything must be taken from the shelves at the end of the day unless students have 2 different instruments.

Per district policy, if you student has forgotten something at home, nothing may be dropped off at the school this year. Please make sure your have your instrument and mouthpiece when you leave your house!

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The fees for the season have been adjusted to $425. The payment schedule is as follows:

BAND FEE: $425 (reduced to $400 if paid in full by Oct. 16)
Payment 1: Sept 18 $250 (DUE THIS FRIDAY!)

Payment 2: Oct 16 $100 (Total Dues $400 if paid in full by this date)
Payment 3: Nov 20 $75

If you have two students in the band program simultaneously, each student’s fees will be reduced to $375. If you have three or more students in the program at the same time, each student’s fees will be $350. If each student’s fees are paid in full by Oct. 16, the early bird discount will be applied to each student’s fees (reduced another $25 to $325 using the previous example).

** We appreciate everyone who has communicated with us regarding challenges with band fee payments. Please reach out to Mr. Linkous at any time with questions. We will always work very hard to help families in need. Band fees are very crucial this season, considering this year’s limited fundraising opportunities, while still trying to provide a great experience for our students with quality instructors in front of them. **

A $75 Instrument Rental Fee is applied to the account of any student who uses a school owned instrument. If a student is required to play more than 1 school owned instrument, no additional charges will apply.

There are 3 different ways to pay your fees:
1) Check or cash—mailed or placed in the payment envelope in Mr. Woody’s office.
2) PayPal Individual Payments on the FEES/PAYMENTS tab on the Band website (there is a small fee incurred)
Found on band website:
3) PayPal 6 months same as cash payments—subject to credit approval through PayPal.

All checks can be made payable to FMDBBC and mailed to the following address OR PLACED IN THE ENVELOPE IN MR. WOODY'S OFFICE:

PO Box 611
Fort Mill, SC 29716

Whether paying by check or PayPal, please be sure your student’s name is included as well as listing NFHS.

If you would like to cash in points, they will not automatically debit to your account. You will need to email and let Nicky know how many points you would like to redeem.

If you have already paid your band fees in full, or have a refund because of rolled over Disney Trip money, you may choose to keep that money in your account to cover part of your 2021-22 band fees or request a refund.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact Dorothy Shiakallis at, Nicky Ludolph our Charms Secretary at, or our Executive Secretary, Bob Hessler, at

It is important that everyone pay the $100 Activity Fee which is assessed by the FMSD. This fee insures that the district will continue to supplement our staff expenses AND provide transportation once field trips resume (Region Band, All-state Band, Concert Performance Assessment, Winter Guard, Percussion Ensemble, etc).


The NAFO Band Mattress Sale will be held on Saturday, September 26, from 10am - 5pm.
Remember, our goal is One Student = One Mattress! We already have a few students who have sold a mattress! Let's keep our title as the top fundraiser for the Southeast Region!

Students will be attending Student Meetings during After School practices this week. We need to get the word out since we only have TWO MORE WEEKS until our sale! Share on Facebook, print flyers and give to family and friends, let your neighbors know. Several students already have committed sales!

Mattress Sale Signs will be available in the Band Room for "B"-Day students to bring home after practice on Monday, and Julie Sander will have them at the Band Store on Thursday for "A"-Day students. Putting a sign in your yard will let your neighbors know about the sale!

Be sure to follow our NAFO Band Event Facebook Page and share the Mattress Sale Event with all your family and friends.

If you are interested in seeing the video that explains the Hygienic Mattress Testing Kit it is linked here. It may make it easier to invite people to the sale!


The Pit Crew has started assembling to execute the concept and design for this year's show. If you are interested in helping out, please email Bob Ludolph our Pit Boss at There is something for everyone, so if woodworking isn't in your wheelhouse, just wait and you may be able to jump in the next week. We can't guarantee breakfast, but we can guarantee you will always come away with a sense of accomplishment from helping our kids!


If you are planning on chaperoning or volunteering to work with the students, you must have a Secure Volunteer card. This is a card issued through the Fort Mill School District that performs as a background check to clear you to work directly with the students. It takes 5 minutes to fill out online and submit. The district will then be in touch with you regarding passing the verification process. In turn, they will send us a list of cleared parents to help with the students. If you have one from the middle school, it is still valid -- be sure to check the expiration date on the card so it doesn't expire. The application is on the band website under Participate! Be a Secure Volunteer!

Once you have filled out the form, please email Mr. Linkous to let him know to look for it.


The NFL schedule is still in flux and has been changing weekly. We are hoping that the Panthers will have fans in the stands for the October 4th game! The 500 level will not have spectators, so when we get into the stadium we will be assigned a new stand, hopefully identical to the one we already know how to run!

As of now, we expect our first game to be Sunday, October 4. When we have confirmation, we will send out a SignUpGenius. It will be very important to sign up as quickly as there will be a short turn around time.

GOOD NEWS!! All training will be ONLINE so no more paperwork to exchange hands!
All students must be 16 to work in the stand.

** NEW STAND RULE** All who work in the stadium must wear non-slip, closed toed footwear. This will be inspected upon check-in. All sneakers do not have non-slip soles. If you plan to work, please make sure you have appropriate footwear.

Please reach out to Carl and Shawna Lee Irish at with any questions.

NF Band Masks

NF Masks are still available for purchase at the Band Store or online. If you purchase online please us the order form under the photo above and follow directions to pay via PayPal on the Band website. We will make sure to have your masks available at the next Band Store night.

Email Shawna Lee Irish or Julie Sander at with any questions.


Our Band Store carries fun items to allow you to show your support for Nation Ford Band. Once school starts, we will start selling jackets, hats, car magnets, PopSockets, puravida Spirit Bracelets and other items that will allow you to show that you are part of the band! Stay tuned for our next Band Store day!

Yard Signs may be ordered by filling out the order form that was emailed out on Friday, 8/30. This is a great way to show your neighbors that your child is in the band!
If you did not receive an order form and would like to order, please email Deadline for Yard Signs is September 26.

Duffel and Sling Bag pre-orders are also being taken. Those order forms were also emailed on 8/30. We have them at the Band Store as well. Deadline for bags is September 26.

Our next Band Store date is Thursday, September 17, weather permitting. If we are unable to have the store that day, we will announce a new date on Facebook for next week.

Show shirts will be delayed this year, but Mr. Linkous has something exciting planned! Those will also be available for order once completed.


Please use when you shop on Amazon. This site uses your same user name and password as the Amazon site, however it gives a percentage of all purchases back to the band. You will need to choose Fort Mill District Band Booster Club Inc in order to support the band.


** We only have 26 of our parents registered, this is a super easy way to earn money for our band! **

Nation Ford High School Band has teamed up with Harris Teeter E-Vic program as an easy way to help raise funds for our band program. Please go to the Harris Teeter website and under “Together in Education” click the green tab to "link your school". Link your card to Nation Ford HS Marching Band and you are set. Note: If you did this last year, you need to do this again this year. E-Vic linking is only good for 1 year at a time. Please, everyone link your E-Vic card as this is an easy and effortless way to help raise funds for the band.
Our official name for linking purposes is “Nation Ford HS Marching Band"
School Code is 3956


To support Nation Ford Band, sign up for Publix Partners through your account (if you don't already have one) and select your desired school. Then, enter your phone number at checkout each time you make an eligible purchase.

To enroll: Log in or sign up through Once signed in, drop down under "Welcome, (your name)" to access “Go To My Account.” Go to “My Publix Partner” and select a school. Type Nation Ford, and you will be able to select Nationford High School Band, Fort Mill, SC. Every time you shop, enter your phone number (linked to your account) to give credit to the band. Family and friends who shop at Publix in Alabama, Georgia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee, and Virginia can sign up for Publix Partners.
Please note, you need to re-enroll every year!


Renado Robinson at Crosswinds Insurance has a great referral program to benefit the band program. For each referral sent to Crosswinds Insurance that sets up a new insurance policy, Crosswinds Insurance will donate $10 to the band on a monthly basis and will also send a $10 gift card to the referring person. This insurance company can beat the price of most other companies as they are an independent insurance representative. Please take advantage of this if you are looking for insurance!




If you know of a restaurant who would like to host a Spirit Night, please contact Stephanie Whitcher at or Shawna Lee Irish at


All information that is listed below is EXTREMELY SUBJECT TO CHANGE. Dates and events may be dropped, added, or changed in response to directives from our school district and state officials regarding COVID-19. Any dates listed that do not specify exact information will be filled in as soon as details and confirmations become available. ALL PAYMENT DATES ARE FIRM.

September 18 FIRST PAYMENT $250 (THIS FRIDAY!)

September 26 MATTRESS SALE-- 10am - 5pm

October 16 SECOND PAYMENT $100 (Total Dues $400 if paid in full by this date)

November 3 THIRD PAYMENT $75 (Total Dues $425)