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Legislative Meeting Briefs - December 2019

Board of School Directors

Ms. Amy Francek, President; Dr. Darlene Davis, Vice President

Mr. Michael Henderson, Ms. Jennifer Iannitti, Dr. Art Levinowitz, Mr. Stanley Ropski, Ms. Titia Scherpbier, Mr. Mark Sirota, Mr. Jeffrey Wallack

President's Welcome and Reports to the Board of School Directors

President's Welcome & Reports to the Board


Mr. Schultz (UDHS Principal) and Ms. Ward (Supervisor of Guidance) recognized our National Merit Semi-Finalists and Commended Students. Semifinalists in the 2020 National Merit Scholarship Program include Andrew Chen, Annie Cheng, Caleb Cho, Amy Gong, Daniel Kaplan, Ryan Lim, Frank Wang, Jeffrey Xu. Commended students in the 2020 National Merit Scholarship Program include Sara Bachman, Christopher Choo, Katherine Hong, Christopher Kenney, Hannah Kieserman, and Franklin She.

Community Input

The first community input period was limited to presentation and action items only. The following topic were discussed during the first community input:

  • proposed new policy Student Civic Engagement
  • policy 707 Access to District Facilities

Recommended Action Items for Approval

Education Committee Recommendations

  • Curriculum - The Board approved student field trips.
  • Pupil Services - The Board approved a service agreement and a confidential educational agreement.

Operations Committee Recommendations

  • Routine Matters - The Board approved a list of excess, obsolete, and non-repairable equipment.
  • Approvals - The Board approved change order credits for unused materials with A.N. Lynch Co., Inc. and Walter Brucker & Co., Inc. and a change order with Skepton Construction for removal of unsuitable soils at the SRMS building site.

Finance Committee Recommendations

  • Routine Matters - The Board approved routines matters such as the review of the Treasurer's Report and the list of bill payments.
  • Other Matters - The Board approved a software license agreement with PowerSchool for online application and electronic form/file systems.
  • The Board also adopted the "Opt-Out" resolution, which will limit any tax increase in the District to the Act 1 Index (2.6%) for the 2020-2021 school year.

Personnel Committee Recommendations

  • Routine Matters - The Board approved the personnel report, inclusive of appointments, leaves of absence, changes of status, mentors, and extracurricular activities.
  • Other Matters - The Board approved a 5 year Affiliation Agreement partnering with Eastern University for Certified School Nurse Practicum experience.

Policy Committee Recommendations

The Board affirmed the following repeat first readings:

  • Resource Materials and Instructional Supplies (109)
  • Religion in Schools (1XX)
  • Student Civic Engagement (1XX)
  • Electronic Devices (237)
  • Pest Management (716)
  • repeal of Celebration of Holidays (231.1) and Instructional Materials (110)

Other Business Recommendations

  • The Board accepted a donation for upgrades to the Upper Dublin High School Forum Room from Jill Feldman in recognition of Ronald Feldman.
  • The Board approved the Legislative Meetings for calendar year 2020. Click here to review the calendar for the 2020-2021 school year.
  • The Board also nominated a member to sit on the Board of Directors of the Montgomery County Intermediate Unit to fill a vacated seat until June 30, 2020 and a representative for the Eastern Center for Arts and Technology Joint Operating Committee.
  • Liaison Committee Reports - The Board will restructure the manner in which we present the liaison report.
  • Solicitor's Report - Mr. Diasio announced an executive session of the Board that preceded the meeting to discuss various matters involving the filling and evaluation of administrative staff. He also updated the Board on the new law that eliminates statutes of limitations with regard to child-abuse and sexual abuse claims. The District will ensure that our policies are consistent with the new law.

Community Input and Follow-Up Comments

There was no community input.

Ms. Scherpbier thanked Dr. Levinowitz for his years of service on the Board as President. Dr. Yanni echoed the Board's thanks to Jill Feldman for her donation to the UDHS Forum Room.

Upcoming Meetings

All upcoming meetings and District events are included on our calendar. Click here to view the District calendar.