Ivan Schmitt

Uranium cost and uses.

Uranium 238 ranking as the 48th most abundant element costs around 37$ a pound.

Uranium is widely used for energy production at nuclear power plants because if how easy it is to split one of it's isotopes (u238) atoms. Uranium has the symbol (U) and it's atomic mass is 238.029 and the atomic number is 92. After, it is used the military takes the depleted uranium and turns it into any thing from pistol rounds to tank shells these bullets are very effective against heavy armor targets because on contact the main mass vaporizes turning the 6" steel plate into molten metal allowing the now flaming projectile to pass through and ignite the inside of the vehicle.

You need uranium

Because, not only does it produce more energy per ton than oil, and coal but it has the destructive force of megatons of tnt some might debate that that kind of destructive force is simply to much for the selfish and untrustworthy human race to be in control of. As i say uranium need not be feared but should be respected.
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