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Camp Read-A-Lot Family Fun Night

The first grade staff hosted a Camp Read-A-Lot Family Fun Night on January 19th. The following literacy skill stations were available for families: Building Words, Gone Fishing for Rhymes, Roll and Read and Reading Under the Stars. Reading Under The Stars participants read books in tents that were set up in the gym. Also available for the families were yummy smores, a photo booth and the book fair! After rotating through all of the stations, students earned a spirit stick as they were leaving. Camp Read-A-Lot was a fun night for all involved!

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McGregor Primary students invited their dads to participate in enrichment, PE, music, lunch and recess activities on January 19th. The dads helped supervise, read stories to students and helped with homework. Thank you for all of your help, dads!
McGregor Primary celebrated the 100th day of school on February 1st. View the slideshow below to see the creative artwork made by students. How do you count to 100?
100th Day of School at McGregor Primary

Dinosaur Live Family Fun Night

McGregor Primary invited students and their families to a Dinosaur Live Interactive on February 3rd. Dinosaurs Live provides a free, educational tour of eight dinosaurs. Students enjoyed digging, hatching and building activities alongside their parents.

Interested in a fun, educational experience with your McGregor Primary or Elementary student? Follow @mcgregorprimary on Facebook for information on Family Fun Nights!

Kindergarten went all out for Fairy Tale Dress Up Day on February 3rd.
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Masonic Dental Presentation

First Grade enjoyed a dental presentation sponsored by the local Masonic lodge and school nurse, Angela Springer, on February 7th. Students learned the importance of brushing and flossing their teeth daily. The lodge provided gift bags for the children to take home and practice proper dental hygiene.

Character Counts

The following primary students were chosen by their teachers to be part of the Character Counts Committee based on the extraordinary character they have displayed during class. Each week, these students meet to discuss ways to exhibit character for themselves and ways to help others do the same.
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4th Six Weeks Committee: Deisy, Khloe, Josh and Jaydyn

Theme: Teamwork

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5th Six Weeks Committee: Felipe, Cade, Zion and Giselle

Theme: Responsibility

Elementary UIL Results

McGregor Elementary recently hosted and competed in our district's UIL Academic Meet. Results from the competition were announced at a banquet on January 30th.

McGregor won first place with 560.3 points. Second Place went to Whitney with 287.0 points.

McGregor Elementary had 78 2nd-5th grade UIL participants. 41 students earned 1st-6th place medals. The students also claimed 13 team medals.

Mrs. Garcia’s 2nd Grade Creative Writing Team

Aiden Morgan, 4th Place

Alismar Pevia, 5th Place

Lila Minnix, Participant

Enrique Pantoja, Participant

Mrs. Alls’s 2nd Grade Storytelling Team

Mabry Miller, 1st Place

Gracelynn Singer, Participant

Kyla Shoppach, Participant

Maggie King, Participant

Mrs. Alls’s 3rd Grade Storytelling Team

Kaitlyn Quinton, Participant

Aysha Cross, Participant

Haleigh Lanmon, Participant

Bryan Suarez, Participant

Mrs. Foster’s 2nd Grade Chess Puzzle Team

2nd Place Team

Zoe Roszyk, 3rd Place

Jase Taylor, 6th Place

Avery Pomerenke, Participant

Lionel Aviles, Participant

Mrs. Foster’s 3rd Grade Chess Puzzle Team

2nd Place Team

Bubba Zacharias, 2nd Place

Kylie Paschall, 6th Place

Jacob Skipper, Participant

Aaron Austin, Participant

Mrs. Foster’s 4th Grade Chess Puzzle Team

1st Place Team

Cooper Young, 3rd Place

Natalie Aaron, 4th Place

Parker Young, 5th Place

Emily Velin, Participant

Mrs. Foster’s 5th Grade Chess Puzzle Team

2nd Place Team

Jacob Bell, 3rd Place

Dalton Martin, 6th Place

Rawling Barton, Participant

Jacob Singer, Participant

Mrs. White’s 3rd Grade Music Memory Team

2nd Place Team

Carter Reeves, 4th Place

Kylie Paschall, Participant

Edgar Ontiveros, Participant

Bryan Suarez, Participant

Alexa Rivera, Participant

Mrs. White’s 4th Grade Music Memory Team

1st Place Team

Emma Knox, 1st Place

Arianna Vences, 2nd Place

Sebastian Torres, Tie for 4th Place

Michael Denn, Tie for 4th Place

Saxara Hernandez, Participant

All five members of the 4th Grade Music Memory Team received a “perfect score” certificate for earning 100 on their Music Memory tests.

Mrs. White’s 5th Grade Music Memory Team

3rd Place Team

Zion Aviles, 3rd Place

Jenna Taylor, 5th Place

McKenna Oxford, Participant

Nick Whiteside, Participant

Mrs. Sulak’s 3rd Grade Ready Writing Team

Bryce Ocampo, 2nd Place

Alexa Rivera, Participant

Matthew Landers, Participant

Devida Anderson, Participant

Mrs. Sulak’s 4th Grade Ready Writing Team

Madilynn Hamilton, 2nd Place

Makenzie Hamilton, Participant

Aaliyah Miller, Participant

Lesley Garcia, Participant

Mrs. Sulak’s 5th Grade Ready Writing Team

Jaelynn Thompson, 2nd Place

Chloe McCauley, Participant

Lilly Mayfield, Participant

Leila Hogan, Participant

Mrs. Wilson’s 3rd Grade Spelling Team

1st Place Team

Aaron Austin, 1st Place

Collin Hamilton, 3rd Place

Carter Reeves, Participant

Abri Cook, Participant

Mrs. Wilson’s 4th Grade Spelling Team

1st Place Team

Mario Aviles, 1st Place

Kendall Alls, 3rd Place

Jacob Havelka, 5th Place

Marie Aviles, Participant

Mrs. Wilson’s 5th Grade Spelling Team

3rd Place Team

Trinity Brown, 6th Place

Rafael Reyes, Participant

Tracer Rice, Participant

JW Arnold, Participant

Mrs. Adcock’s 4th Grade Art Memory Team

2nd Place Team

Abraham Olvera, 3rd Place

Kendall Alls, 4th Place

Kinleigh Hering, Participant

De’Quizes Brown, Participant

Emily Velin, Participant

Mrs. Adcock’s 5th Grade Art Memory Team

1st Place Team

Jenna Taylor, 1st Place

Kyndall Houchin, 3rd Place

Zion Aviles, 4th Place

McKenna Oxford, Participant

Kirsten Galle, Participant

Mrs. Taylor’s 4th Grade Number Sense Team

1st Place Team

Abraham Olvera, 1st Place

Madilynn Hamilton, 2nd Place

Sebastian Torres, 3rd Place

Nick Osborne, Participant

Mrs. Taylor’s 5th Grade Number Sense Team

1st Place Team

Josh Alexander, 1st Place

Nick Whiteside, 2nd Place

Will Aaron, 3rd Place

Alliah Thomas, Participant

Mrs. Kucera’s 4th Grade Oral Reading Team

Kinleigh Hering, 2nd Place

Lesley Garcia, 6th Place

Addy Todd, Participant

Ximena Castillo, Participant

Mrs. Kucera’s 5th Grade Oral Reading Team

Tracer Rice, 4th Place

Kyndall Houchin, 6th Place

Chloe McCauley, Participant

Trinity Brown, Participant

Mrs. Gee’s Dictionary Team

2nd Place Team

Will Aaron, 3rd Place Tie

David Haynes, 3rd Place Tie

Aiden Crawford, Participant

Jacob Bell, Participant

Mrs. Scott’s Listening Team

1st Place Team

Dalton Martin, 3rd Place

Rafael Reyes, 4th Place

London Minnix, Participant

Jillian Salazar, Participant

Mrs. Lowe’s Social Studies Team

2nd Place Team

Kirsten Galle, 2nd Place

Jacob Singer, Participant

Blake Franks, Participant

Leila Hogan, Participant

Mrs. Hering’s Maps, Graphs and Charts Team

JW Arnold, Participant

Jaelynn Thompson, Participant

Sidney Skipper, Participant

Rawling Barton, Participant

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Texas Bluebonnet Books

On January 30th, a Texas Bluebonnet Voting Party was held in the MES Library. Eight fourth graders and twenty-four fifth graders attended. The winning Texas Bluebonnet book at MES was Roller Girl by Victoria Jamieson.

Each year in Texas, children in grades 3-6 vote on a book to receive the Texas Bluebonnet Award. The winning book is selected from a list of twenty books nominated by teachers, librarians and students. To be eligible to vote, a child must read at least five of the nominated titles. Any student who reads fifteen or more by the end of May will receive a trip to Barnes & Noble and a free paperback book of their choice.

A job well done to the students that qualified to attend and vote for their favorite Texas Bluebonnet Book!

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Junior High Boys Basketball wins Tournament

The 8th grade 8A team won the Crawford Tournament on January 28th. After beating Hamilton 30-22, they earned a 20-19 victory against Crawford in an exciting championship game.
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Become the classroom champion of the week!

The following junior high students were recognized for their character and participation in academics, athletics and extracurricular activities during the month of January.

John S.

Briseila O.

Audrey L.

Leslie A.

Way to succeed, Champions!

Career Day at H.G. isbill Junior high

On February 10th, representatives from local businesses participated in Career Day at the junior high campus. Students spent thirty minutes with each speaker and were given the opportunity to ask questions. Careers represented included Pet Therapy, SpaceX, Camp Gladiator, Rocket Federal Credit Union, TSTC Dual Credit, Main Street Dental and more.
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Pamela Billman, LVN, is shown teaching students how to take blood pressure.

Introducing the '16-'17 Junior High Student Council

Elected by their peers, the Junior High Student Council serves as a liaison between staff and administration. They are also responsible for a series of other tasks, including raising funds to support scholarships for MISD seniors and writing thank you notes to educational presenters that visit H.G. Isbill Junior High.
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The Junior High Student Council organizes a fundraiser each week known as "Fez Friday." On this day, students are allowed to wear a hat if they donate $1 to the MISD Senior Scholarship Fund. Student council members collect these donations and distribute stickers to Fez Friday participants.
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Regional Science Fair Results

A group of junior high and high school students traveled to the Regional Science Fair at TSTC on February 21st and 22nd. Several special awards were earned and five students qualified for State. The State competition will occur in San Antonio on March 31st and April 1st.

Special Awards

Stockholm Junior Water Prize:

Katy Paschall, 3rd Place

Hanna Young, 2nd Place

Broadcom Masters Award:

Campbell McCauley

Senior Division


Loren Perry, Honorable Mention

Plant Sciences:

Katy Scott, Addi White and Bethany Adcock, 2nd Place Group

System Software:

Dawson Bates, Honorable Mention

Junior Division

Behavioral and Social Sciences:

Justin Gilliland, 3rd Place

Cellular and Molecular Biology:

J. L. Singer, Honorable Mention


Campbell McCauley, 1st place

Earth and Environmental Sciences:

Caitlin Jones, Honorable Mention

Hanna Young, 2nd Place

Energy: Chemical

Aurora Borden, Honorable Mention

Kaylee George, Honorable Mention

Engineering Mechanics:

Aaron Olvera, 2nd Place

Alex Olvera, 1st Place

Environmental Engineering:

Mara Hering, Honorable Mention


Leslie Pevia, Honorable Mention

Dawson Bates earned a $1,000 TSTC scholarship.

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Above: Twenty-eight junior high students participated in the TSTC Regional Science Fair.
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Above: Seven high school students participated in the TSTC Regional Science Fair.

McGregor Athletes Taking It to the next level

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Above: MHS Senior, Alex Parsons, has signed a letter of intent to play football in the fall of 2017 at The University of Texas Permian Basin. Alex is the all-time leading tackler at McGregor with 392 tackles in his career. He was a two-time All-State linebacker and four-time All-District player in football. Alex has served an important role in McGregor's athletic program over his four years of high school. Alex is the son of Jason and Misty Parsons.

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Above: MHS Senior, Devon Patterson, has signed a letter of intent to play Baseball in the fall of 2017 at The University of Mary Hardin Baylor. Devon has been on the varsity baseball team for four years. He was an All-District player for three years and a huge contributor. Devon has worked very hard and has been a big part of McGregor's Athletic program over his four years of high school. Devon is the son of Steven and Karen Patterson.

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The best of luck to these athletes. Make McGregor proud!

MHS Cross EX Debate

The McGregor High School Cross Ex Debate Team competed in the district meet in Whitney on January 19th. This year's topic asked whether the United States federal government should substantially increase its economic and/or diplomatic engagement with the People’s Republic of China. The team members had to prepare arguments for both the pro and con side of the debate.

Participating team members were Shae Langenegger, Joseph Mooney, Joseph Elliot, Sam Dutschman, Angel Lopez and Isaac Orozco.

Lopez and Mooney finished in 3rd place and are the first alternates to the State Tournament in Austin. Dutschman and Langenegger finished in 5th place. Elliot and Orozco finished in 7th place.

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McGregor Mock Trial Team Competes in Central Texas Tournament

The McGregor High School Mock Trial Team competed at the Central Texas Mock Trial Tournament held at Baylor University School of Law on February 6th through 8th. The team finished with a 3-0 record in the preliminaries and, for the first time ever, advanced to the finals, which were held on February 10th at the McClennan County Court House. The competition is between all schools in the region from 1A to 6A. The team members were Sarah Heiner, Ryan Hering, Mary Graves, James Lane, Hannah Derringer, Hannah Ekwall, Joseph Mooney, Angel Lopez, Addison White and Sam Dutschmann. Heiner and Hering are four-year members of the team.
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McLennan County Show

February 9, 2017

The following McGregor FFA and 4-H members made the sale at the McLennan County Show.

Kyndall Houchin, Grand Champion Meat Rabbits

Emily Raibourn, 3rd Place Finewool Cross Lamb

Katy Scott, Rabbits

Elizabeth Frost, Broilers

Allyssa Bottoms, Rabbits

Reese Huffman, Pig

Anderson Carrillo, Goat

Taylor Darling, Lamb

Braeden Darling, Lamb

The following McGregor FFA and 4-H members sold baked goods at the McLennan County Show.

Bethany Adcock

Emily Velin

Aleah Keith

JL Singer

Jacob Singer

Chloe McCauley

Paige Lillard

Audrey Lillard

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UIL Academic Meet at Midway

The McGregor UIL team participated at the Midway Invitational Meet on February 11th. The team earned six first place team awards and countless individual medals. The team earned the Small School Sweepstakes trophy.


Adrianna Macedo, 4th Place

Calculator, 2nd Place Team

Marissa Licea, 5th Place

Jorge Camacho, 4th Place

Dawson Brown, 3rd Place

Computer Applications

Ty Finley, 5th Place

Computer Science, 1st Place Team

Tristan Choat, 5th Place

Marissa Licea, 2nd Place

Damian Lee, 1st Place

Current Events, 1st Place Team

4th Place Angel Lopez, 4th Place

3rd Place Sam Dutschmann, 3rd Place

Editorial Writing

Jordan Hilliard, 6th Place

Feature Writing

Jordan Hilliard, 2nd Place

Headline Writing:

Jordan Hilliard, 2nd Place

Literary Criticism

Moriah Balch, 5th Place

Alicia Maldonado, 4th Place


Cameron Ruland, 2nd Place

News Writing

Jordan Hilliard, 1st Place

Number Sense, 1st Place Team

In the 9th and 10th Grade Category

Kelci Heady, 5th Place

Gabriela Monterrosas, 4th Place

Sophie Arnold, 2nd Place

Jorge Camacho, 1st Place

In the 11th and 12th Grade Category

Cameron Ruland, 1st Place


Elizabeth Grace, 6th Place

Alex Ramos, 2nd Place

Ready Writing

Connie Mendoza, 2nd Place

Science, 1st Place Team

In the 9th and 10th Grade Category

Damian Lee, 4th Place

Jorge Camacho, 3rd Place

Noah Jenkins, 2nd Place

Caleb Gorman, 1st Place

In the 11th and 12th Grade Category

Dawson Brown, 1st Place

Top Biology Student

Dawson Brown

Top Physics Student

Dawson Brown

Social Studies, 1st Place Team

Alicia Maldonado, 6th Place

Chris Olvera, 3rd Place

Sam Dutschmann, 2nd Place

Spelling, 1st Place Team

Brooke Guest, 4th Place

Ty Finley, 2nd Place

Cameron Ruland, 1st Place

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MHS Senior speaks at Leadership symposium

MHS Senior, Sarah Heiner, was invited to speak to a group of teachers and administrators at the 2017 Raise Your Hand Texas Campus to Capitol Leadership Symposium on February 2, 2017, at the Renaissance Hotel in Austin, Texas. Raise Your Hand Texas focuses on identifying innovative ideas to improve education by supporting conditions and public policies that allow them reach all Texas students.

Sarah's speech focused on using your voice for positive change, how her teachers have made a positive impact on her public school experience, and how she plans to pay her school experience forward. She concluded by challenging the school administrators in attendance to provide the same experience for their students by helping them "find their voice."

Sarah was one of five students from Texas public schools to address the Raise Your Hand Texas Leadership Symposium. She is the daughter of Duane and Shannon Heiner.
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View Sarah's speech below.

Sarah Heiner


Leslie Reyes designed this year's logo for The Revolution community service initiative. Leslie is an advanced art student at McGregor High School under the direction of Mrs. Debbie Snyder. Leslie used the color orange because that was a favorite color of Rhett Hering. She also included a quote that she often heard Rhett say, "Go somewhere; be somebody." Leslie also incorporated the school's hashtag of #HEART as we focus to honor and remember our friend, Rhett, by sharing love and kindness to our community and world.

The Revolution community service day is set to take place on May 19th, 2017.

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Making History

On Saturday, February 18th, MHS Senior Alex Ramos made history. He earned McGregor's first ever Division I rating at the UIL Solo & Ensemble Choir Contest. Alex will be advancing to the State UIL Solo and Ensemble Contest at the University of Texas in Austin in May. The MHS Choir program is in its second year of existence and under the direction of Mrs. Shelley White.
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McGregor ISD Education Foundation

The McGregor ISD Education Foundation is dedicated to providing resources to enrich the educational opportunities available to all McGregor ISD students. Help us reach our goal of raising $103,000 to support progressive programs and trainings!

McGregor Visual Art Students Rake in 91 Medals at Annual Competition

On February 11th, 77 students representing McGregor High School Visual Arts participated in the 23rd annual Visual Arts Scholastic Event (V.A.S.E.) at Harker Heights High School. There were 1,272 art pieces from the area Region 12 Schools. Of those, 123 were from McGregor High School. 85 regional medals were presented to our students with 6 students receiving an Area medal qualifying them for State competition.

State qualifiers are sophomore Emily Santander with a graphite still life, Emily, freshman Elizabeth Reyes with a graphite drawing, Girl on the Tracks, Sophomore Jose Perez with a wire and precious stones sculpture, The Enchanted Tree, sophomore Stephanie Licea with a colored pencil piece, The Silent Symphony, senior Emily Krueger with a colored pencil piece, Myocardial Infarction and senior Sarah Bakios with a black and white acrylic painting, Downtown.

These students will represent MHS at the State V.A.S.E. event in San Antonio on Saturday, April 28th, at James Madison High School.

V.A.S.E. is an annual visual arts competition amongst experienced students from all school classifications. A 1A first year student may compete with first year students from 2A to 6A schools. All sculptures, photography, digital art, animation, mixed media, painting and drawing are judged in the same category.

Congratulations to all of the students that participated!

Participating students in alphabetical order: Aguilar, Alexis R.; Aguilar, Alyssa R.; Asbridge, Madisyn; Bailey, Ainslie; Bakios, Sarah A.; Barrera, Duyecker; Benitez, Elisbet; Blackshear, Katelynn; Carver, Raven; Coffey, Joshua; Cortes, Jesus O.; Craft, Hunter D.; De Jesus, Monica; Diaz, Brian; Diaz, Noah; Dominguez, Ana; English, Zaria; Espinoza, Isaias; Eubank, Elijah; Gamez, Xavier; Garcia, Anissa; Gutierrez, Alfredo; Hadley, Jolene; Hernandez, Jasmin; Hernandez, Jeanette; Hernandez, Maria; Hernandez, Raul; Hill, Cameron; Hogan, Alisa N.; Hoke, Paula; Holt, Kayeci; Hudock, Rebecca; Jackson, Colby; Jackson, Colton; Jacobo, Lesley; Jaimes, David; Jaimes, Mairenny; Jimenez, Hicol; Koerth, Gabe; Koerth, Marshall; Krueger, Emily; Ledesma, Tanner; Licea, Araceli; Licea, Nicholas; Licea, Stephanie; Luvianos, Brittany; Martinez, Brenda; Martinez, Edith; Martinez, Joanly; Martinez, Karen; Martinez, Vicente; Martinez, Jr, Ruben; Oliver, Gabrielle; Olvera, Luis G.; Olvera, Marissa; Olvera, Nancy; Peacock, Rian; Perez, Jose; Perez, Yasmin; Raborn, Allen; Rebollar, Cesar; Reyes, Elizabeth; Robles, Beatriz; Rocha, Beatriz; Rodriguez, Nayeli; Sanders, Cheyenne; Santander, Emily; Suarez, Kanryuo; Torres, Emmanuel; Torres, Juan; Torres, Sandra; Valdez, Jonathan W.; Valdez-Gonzalez, Isabel; Velasquez, Noelia; Watson, Megan S.; Williams, Gregory W.; Worthington, McKennah.

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Visual Art State Qualifiers: Elizabeth, Emily S., Stephanie, Emily K., Sarah and Jose

MHS Senior, Mary G., is a KWTX Classroom Champion!

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