Dracula and Friends

by Vanessa Sandoval and Monica Enriquez 6th period


Seemingly nice when you first meet him, but a dangerous monster when you do him wrong. He loves sleeping in his boxes of earth and enjoys the company of his canines. All he wanted to do was move away from Transylvania to England, but Mr. Harker had to get curious and explore his castle without permission. This fiend not only trapped Johnathan Harker, he also turned Lucy into a vampire and almost made Mina one as well. The Count made Renfield his loyal follower, until he killed him of course. He met his end with a smile upon his face just before he turned to dust.

Van Helsing

Probably the only man with any sense in the group of amateur vampire hunters that has an idea of what's going on, Dr. Van Helsing started to help with the Dracula problem when requested by Seward to try to find the reason for Lucy's unusual problems. Van Helsing usually talks a lot, explaining reasons with more words than he probably should use in detailing his topics. When it comes to this situation, Mr. Van Helsing knows what a vampire is and doesn't mind steering away from modern medicine when it comes to finding the cure for Lucy. However, this isn't the same for the other members who'd rather not believe in the idea of monsters such as Dracula.


The fiance and eventually wife of Johnathan Harker, Mina is a great help to the new group of inexperienced monster hunters. She starts off as a loyal mate to Mr. Harker, worried about him and the absence of reports she gets from him while at Dracula's castle. A caring soul, she also worries for her close friend Lucy and her new habit of sleepwalking, as well as for Renfield later on. When hunting Dracula, she made routes for the capturing and disposing of the count, even when you for slowly turning into a vampire herself. Luckily she made it to the end and had a son with her new husband.

Dr. Seward

Dr. Seward is an owner of an insane asylum, a talented doctor, as well as a former pupil of Dr. Van Hesling. Even though Lucy turned down his proposal he still loves her and tries his best to help her in her time of need. Unfortunately, he was unable to save her from dying. He often disagrees with Van Hesling involving Lucy's condition being that it is caused by a vampire. He took interest in one patient of his more than any of the others, Mr. Renfield. John Seward had to try and capture Renfield a few times and take him back to the asylum.

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