That you should not judge people by their stlye.


Stargirl is weird,and her clothes are fuuny. Stargirl effects the because she become poparlor and people started act like her. Leo is nice and caring, and he is the some like everyone, He fall in love with Stargirl.. He effects the story by changing stargirl. 

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My favorite part was when Leo  and Stargirl fall in love with each other

Strong Verbs

But Kevin was screaming on the phone. pg22 I boted from the truck. pg22  Kevin was at gate windmilling his arm. pg22 See better up here he siad yanking me into the stands pg 22 Instead she dashed for the ball. pg 23


Stargirl was the new girl in Mica Highschool. People tought that she was fake. Stargirl play a Happy  Birthday song to everone on birthday. Stargirl  became a cheerleader. But she cheer of the other team to. People started to hate her and one game someone thew a tomato. Leo started to go out with Starigirl. Stargirl kiss Leo. It was time for Oratorical Contest and Stargirl win the contest. They were hading back to Mica. In the Mica park lot there was only three people. At the ball she led the bunny hop. Stargirl was popurlar again. Fifteen year past for the ball. Leo left for collger. Leo come back and vist Archine. One Leo come back Archine house was gone and got mail say Happy Birthday.

Figurative Language


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