You Wouldn't Want To Live In

Pompeii By: Kelsey Bryan Mrs. Peyton A5

You wouldn’t want to live In Pompeii By: John Malam

You would want to live in Pompeii because there’s a lot of volcano’s that erupt and it is very scary for young children and it hard for old people to move when a volcano is erupting.

In Pompeii mount Vesuvius erupted more than 50 times and it killed a lot of people and they were too scared to see if it was over and they didn’t want to move they were to afraid and they didn’t want to see who was dead and who was alive. The most famous eruption happened in 79 AD a lot of people lost body parts and most people died. Mount Vesuvius hasn’t erupted since 1944 and people say that’s good and they don’t want it to erupt again.

You have to know how to protect from a volcano that is erupting. Step one, put goggles on and disposable masks on for each family member it would be in your disaster supply kit. Step two stay away from active volcano sites. Step three if you live near a known volcano, active or dormant, learn about your community’s warning systems and emergency plans, and be ready to evacuate at a moment’s notice. Step four, be sure to have an emergency disaster plan for you and your family. Step five is prepared for the hazards that con accompany volcanoes: mudflows and flash floods landslides, rock falls, earthquakes, ash fall and acid rain, and last but not least tsunamis. That’s how you stay safe in a volcano eruption.

They found a body that was already disintegrated and lost its head and they couldn’t find it at all. They found a naked man dead in a house in the bed without bedding stuff.