Deadliest earthquake in history

Shensi, China, Jan. 23, 1556


Shaanxi province earthquake of 1556, Located (35.6000 N, 108.3000 E). Shaanxi is also located near Shanxi, and Hanan.

This earthquake struck in the late evening, and had small after affects through the next morning.


This event took place, on and because of the Eurasia Plate. The epicenter of the Earthquake was in the Wei River Valley in Shaanxi Province.

This earthquake was said to be the largest earthquake in history, in Huaxian every single building, and home was destroyed, killing about half of the city's population. In some places there were 60 foot deep cracks in the earth. Over 300 miles away from the epicenter there were still deaths, and disaster occurring. All of this disaster and more killed over 830,000 people.

How we could keep safe from earthquakes.

Many seismologists have discovered that earthquakes don't kill people, buildings do. Meaning that the death rate and destruction depends on population size, Construction/ building size, and Emergency preparedness.

When earthquakes occur we could be protected from them, by just staying out of the way of large/any buildings, and to many people.