Welcome to Jefferson N.C.

A city named after America's 3rd President Thomas Jefferson

Ashe County "In God we trust"

Ashe County is named after Samuel Ashe and in World War II the US named liberty ship S.S Samuel Ashe in his honor. Ashe County is located in the Mountain region of North Carolina, and its boarding counties are Watauga, parts of Cadwell, Wires, and Yanley County.


Wanting to get involved in government? Come to the Board of Commissioners meeting. The main function of the board is to make the county budget, raise taxes, fund education, make county ordinances and much more! The current board is made up of 5 members who are elected and serve a staggered four year term. Our current County Manager is Sam Yearick picture on the left.

Why you should come visit Ashe County

Ashe County has many fun things to do and these are just a select few! Go visit Moses H Cone Memorial Park, go have fun at Mount Jefferson State Park, Or go hiking at State Mountain State Park.

About Jefferson

Jefferson was established in 1799 and public buildings were starting to be put up in 1800. Jefferson's mayor Dana Tugman of 14 years died in 2013 and they have yet to elect a new one Dana along with 5 other city members served on the town council. The town manager hired by the town council is Cathy Howell.