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Russia Aral Sea, The Soviet Union, After Chernobyl

Chernobyl. On April 26,1986 The Nuclear Power Plant located in Chernobyl, Ukraine. Early that morning Chernobyl had exploded at 1:23 in the morning. The powerplant let out a radioactive cloud that spread 3,280 ft. The wind that day carried fallout cloud to Belarus,Ukraine, Russia, UK, and Sweden . Scientists have later discovered that some of the radioactive molecules will still be radioactive in 30 years. Thirty people had died in less than three months from the radiation. Over time people who helped clean up Chernobyl had later had severe health problems later like birth defects and cancer.

Aral Sea

The Aral Sea is located in Uzbekistan and Kazakhstan. The Aral Sea evaporates everyday leaving behind salt it’s very dry here so it’s considered airid or simiarid . Neighboring cities and towns have said when storms come through that they have found salt everywhere around their town. Abandoned boats still remain there today from when the fishermen had to vacate their boats because the Aral Sea had become too shallow at the point where the boats couldn’t maneuver. Human activity has change the way the land was. Human activity has destroyed one of its most important bodies of water.

Aral Sea

The Soviet Union

In 1922 Russia and several other countries combined to form what is now the Soviet Union. In 1927 from 1953 people of the Soviet Union had to live under Josef Stalin. At the end of The Cold War The Soviet Union and the United States were the two most powerful countries. The Bolsheviks thought that a socialist and economic system was the best type of government for Russia. They had used communism to help control their government.

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