The king of the jungle by Andrew

What do lions eat?

A lions diet is usualy zebras, giraffs, wildabeasts and antalopes. They are always very hungry. Somtimes they are so hungry they will eat/hunt day or night for even small things like birds, hares and etc, if they cant find anything to eat. While they hunt, they stay in the pride (the girls hunt). They camoflauge in tall grass so their prey won't run away. After their hunt (if it's sucsesful) they eat in a special way: men lions, women lions, then the kids. Lions are carnivores so that means they eat meat and have sharp claws and teeth. Lions diet is rarely human so your pretty safe if you keep far from lions.

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How do lions protect each other?

Lions are usualy four feet tall, and their length is 5-10 feet. They use their camoflauge to blend in with its surroundings, so enemies won't hurt them when sleeping. Since they are large animals, the men weigh 330-500 pounds and the women weigh 270-350 pounds. The male lions also have a mane that helps when fighting. If the enemie trys to bite him in the neck, it will get a fur ball because of the fur in the mane. They also live in a big group called prides so they can help each other.

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Where do lions live?

Although lions live in many areas in africa, they also live a little in India. Lions mostly live in the african savannas, but they also live in other areas. I think the lions most similar place is grasslands. In India they live in gin forest, since they live in gin forest, they probaly live in woodlands and (I knew that) I bet thats where they get their small animals.

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Do lions have intresting facts?

Yes, they do, and one of the lions intresting facts is that they sleep 20 hours a day. Mother lions have kids/cubs, and carry cubs in their mouths so they won't get lost in the grass. Lions are mammals, and their roar can be heard from 5 miles away. Although cubs are small, they also hunt at 11 months.

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