The Great Depression

Demetrius Snapp

What was the great depression???

The great depression is when the country went bad and lost a lot of money. The cause of the the great depression was the stock market crash. The stock market cash was caused by to many peopleuying stocks and then the stock market went worthless and those who owned stocks lost all their money. In the great depression people became homeless lost they're job and couldn't support they're family. the president was herbert hoover who didn't do nothing about the great depression. The other president was franklin d. roosevelt aka FDR. This is the great depression that started in 1929.

franklin d. roosevelt

Franklin d. roosevelt aka FDR was the president during the great depression. FDR was born januar 30th, 1882. He is a near cousin of former president thedore roosevelt. FDR was elected march 4, 1933. His family the roosevelts are the oldest family in new york state. In march of 1905 he married his distant cousin eleanor. Before FDR was president he was a state senator and assistant secretary of the nation. In august of 1921 president FDR contracted polio while on vacation. This is president franklin d. roosevelt.

October 29th, 1929

On october 29th 1929 that was when the black tuesday stock market crashed. the crash had more than 16 billion dollars of total losses.


In 1939 a total of one billion dollars is spent on armed forces. The unemloyment rate went up 17.2%.


In 1941 the united states enter world war 2. The united states manufacturing is up by more than or close to 50%.