Roman Empire

By: Dillon Sunlin


My research is on the Roman Empire and the history. Through my research I learned a lot about the way the government is run and the history of the kings who ruled it. It seems like the Roman Empire was in constant war and conflict.

The Roman Empire

The roman empire didn't keep any early records of fables or myths. Romulus and Ramus founded the city in 753 b.c. Historys of Liv of Dionsius of Ties Halidoradsus. numupompus as after romulus added 2 to 10 munths cander

Government of the Republic

The republic set a constant war and conquest the city state was less then 400 square miles and 150,000 people. The government was hands of wealthy citizens and artistic ratio citizens called patrions. Descendents of earlier tribes of Rome. Common people were called ple beians. Little by little they tore down the two social barriers.

The Etruscan Conquest

Sevius Tulius second king built wall around the Roman city. Lucius Tarquines Prince first king carried on many wars founded by temples to Jupiter. The Estricans Prince conquered in 600 B.C. The last king was Lucius Tarquinius served as a guide in times of trouble.


The Roman Empire was made up of patrions and wealthy citizens who were run by a government. The government was in constant conflict of war which was led by Prince Lucius most of the time. The days of the Roman Empire would have probably been pretty eventful according to what I learned from my research.


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