Ashleigh Tay

PDHPE assignment task-Ms Long

The type of person I am

A temperate and quiet and patient person is probably the person you are thinking of when you’re thinking ME. I stay quiet most of the time in class and i don’t bother to make a fuss when i don’t get something I want. However, when I’m with my close friends or family, I can be a completely different person (though I’m not saying that I’m NOT temperate and quiet). I can be persistent, creative, spontaneous and cheeky.

My Interests

My interests include playing the saxophone, piano and reading adventurous books though I hate Classics. I love painting figurines, drawing and watching Netflix which entertains me for hours. I also like sport (though I don’t do lots of it) and dogs because I have one myself and I think they’re wonderful pets to have!!!

My family, friends and their opinions of me

My family includes my dad who’s a doctor, my mum who as a walking disability that i can’t pronounce, my sister-Jessica and my lovely dog-Angel. Most of my closes friends are the friends that I went with at my old primary school. They are Beth, Josie (L), Josie (K), Erin, Monique, Emma Liu, Evelyn and Annika.

Dad: " A creative girl who doesn’t easily give up and tries her hardest in everything."

Jess: "She’s a neat and organised sister who is very hardworking. :D"

Erin: "Smart, fun and creative friend."

Support networks that I use

The support networks that I use very important in my life. One support network that I use is the Christian bible which it shows me how to live my life God’s way, my parents and my close friends who teach me how to study efficiently, correct me when I’m wrong, encourage and lead me in the right direction.

My Strengths & aspects of myself that I could improve

I think that my strengths include being organised, constructing things like lego, sleeping, painting figurines and drawing. Some aspects of myself that I could improve would definitely be maths, my confidence, realistic art, listening in class instead of daydreaming and public speaking, especially public speaking.

The major influences in my life

The major influences on my life include, my old primary school teachers, old and close friends, my church, the bible, the books that I read and my parents-especially my parents.

My goals

Goal 1 (short term): Probably at the end of the year I want to go to Singapore with my sister and see my cousins who live there.

Goal 2 (short term): I really want to improve with my school work and begin to become more time-wise because I get distracted easily.

Goal 3 (long term): This isn’t really a long term goal but it is probably longer than the others. I want to become baptised which is sort of like showing that you’re committed towards being a Christian.

How I want people to remember me

Hmmmm… its hard to think how other people might be thinking of you they could be thinking dirty thoughts or rude thoughts but I would like other people to think of me as a person that always has a good attitude, a person who is temperate, reliable, is a loving christian and a fabulous friend to all!

My Physical Attributes

eye colour | height | shoe size

dark brown| 1.59m | 8