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Academic Vocabulary Program

ELLs need multiple exposures to key language and vocabulary through meaningful practice and review. Given the importance of academic background knowledge and the fact that vocabulary is such an essential part of it, one of the strongest services that teachers can provide, especially for students who do not come from academically advantaged backgrounds, is systematic instruction in important academic terms.
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The bar on the left hand side of the figure shows a student who is at the 50th percentile in terms of ability to comprehend the subject matter taught in school, with no direct vocabulary instruction. The bar on the right hand side show the comprehension level of the same student after specific content area terms have been taught in a specific way. The student's comprehension level increased to the 83rd percentile. This dramatic increase provides a strong reason for teaching academic terms using the Academic Vocabulary Program.

Adapted from Building Academic Vocabulary

By Robert J. Marzano

Robert Marzano Building Academic Vocabulary
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ELL Technology Tidbit of the Week

Word SLapPs is a vocabulary app that allows you to teach vocabulary specific to your students' needs with the images that you choose. Upload and save photos into categories, pair them with your own recorded questions and share with others using Dropbox.

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