The Coach's Corner

Keeping Taylor Teachers in the Know- January 19-22

Weekly Calendar

Tuesday- 3rd grade PLC


2nd grade PLC, DRAs due for Tier 3, LLI, SST students, Grammar Talk Vertical Meeting (Link to video below)

Thursday- 1st grade PLC

Friday- GMT- Celebration of Learning- 4th grade virtual Math PD during planning (please register on eduphoria to get credit!)

Sign Up Genius

I would love to model a Guided Reading lesson or help with small groups in your classroom. Please sign up below for a time!

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Cluster 6: Summarize to Determine Importance will be loaded for K-5 on January 22nd.

Please note the following dates for your ELAR PD:

Professional Learning - 7:20-8:20 - Admin Training Rooms
We will celebrate the successes teachers have had with implementing the ELAR cluster pre-assessments and the utilization of that data in developing common formative assessments. Teachers will need to bring (1) an example of how they have used the ELAR cluster pre-assessments to create CFAs and (2) a technology device.

*Please see the attachments to this email for samples from other campuses. These are great examples of what to do with Pre-Assessment data and how to turn them into CFAs! I have also attached how one team uses the prompts for guided reading.


Keep up the amazing work that you are doing with Exemplars! :)

Have you added a new Kagan structure to your problem solving or mini-lesson lately? Here are several to try with your class!

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From the curriculum department:

Soil, sand, and gravel has been delivered to all campuses this week.

Please remind teachers to look through their science lab equipment and talk with other grade level science leads before ordering supplies from the store. Please read through lessons before ordering so that you know how much of given supplies your team might need.


This awesome app is very similar to Google Classroom in that students can submit responses, pictures, videos, projects, etc. The best thing about this app is that parents can download it to their devices and see exactly what their child is producing and turning in!